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How to Make The Incredibles Costume

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. September 14, 2017
How to Make The Incredibles Costume
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The Incredibles is a Disney Pixar movie which was released in 2004, but thanks to enduring popularity is still enjoyed by children all over the world. This makes it a particularly good costume idea for kids who enjoy the movie now and adults who were kids back when it came out. Unfortunately, while you can buy the costume from some stores and online, it is not always available. Even if it is, you might not want to pay the sometimes high price tags official merchandise can warrant. These are just two reasons why oneHOWTO shows you how to make The Incredibles costume at home. More reasons include creating a project for the family to do together, a sense of accomplishment and, of course, because it's fun!

  1. Get your materials together
  2. Make The Incedibles Logo
  3. Assemble your The Incredibles costume

Get your materials together

Like many superhero costumes, The Incredibles use a classic color scheme to make them stand out from other heroes and villains. They use red and black to show they are a team together, part of what makes this such a great family costume. The kids can be one of the three The Incedibles children (Violet Parr, Dash Parr or little baby Jack-Jack Parr) while the adults can be Mr. Incredible or Elastigirl. Remember, you don't have to be a family of five to make this costume great. You can have as many or as few The Incredibles characters as you like.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to show you how to create force-fields, stretch your limbs or run faster than the speed of light. We will, however, provide a list for the materials you'll need for these DIY costumes:

  • red long sleeve T-shirt
  • black underpants or shorts
  • red leggings or sweat pants
  • black, orange and yellow felt (white also if you need it)
  • adhesive (e.g. white glue)
  • black eye mask
  • chalk (for drawing)
  • black boots
  • Black gloves

This list is enough for one person. It should work the same for all members of The Incredibles' team, changing the size to suit the person. If you are wanting to make a baby Jack-Jack from The Incredibles costume, you could use a red onesie or romper suit. If it has black sleeves and neck, all the better, but it's not necessary.

You'll probably want to spend more time stopping your little one from ripping off the felt logo you've been up all night making. Actually, this one's pretty easy, you probably won't need all night.

Buy tight fitting T-shirts, leggings and shorts for a better superhero look.

How to Make The Incredibles Costume - Get your materials together

Make The Incedibles Logo

Like Superman or the bat symbol, the Incredibles logo is also a clever design achievement. This is because it is stylish, yet simple and immediately recognizable. The yellow lower case "i" is in a black circle with an orange swoosh encircling it. If you have trouble picturing it, there's no need to worry. Just look below for the printable version of the logo. It is a copy with blocked shapes which makes it easier to cut out.

This felt can be bought in any good craft store. As long as you have black, orange and yellow felt, it will work. It doesn't necessarily have to be exactly the same shade. If you want to use plain white paper for the dot of the 'i' that is fine.

To cut it out lay the image on top of the felt and draw the outline with some chalk. When you cut out the oval shape, the chalk will dust off easily and disappear. Then you can take the other parts of then lay over another piece of paper. Trace the 'i' shape and the orange curves. Cut out the shapes from the paper, lay them over the felt, draw around with more chalk and then cut out the felt.

The individual pieces of the logo will set on top of each other and can be attached easily with some white glue. As this The Incredibles costume is for kids, we won't use strong glue. Attach the logo or logos to the red outer T-shirt of the costume.

How to Make The Incredibles Costume - Make The Incedibles Logo

Assemble your The Incredibles costume

Here are the easy steps to assemble your The Incredibles easy DIY costume:

  • put on the red leggings
  • put on the red long sleeved T-shirt
  • tuck the T-shirt into the leggings
  • put the black underpants or shorts on over the red leggings
  • put on the black boots and black gloves
  • finish by putting on the black eye mask

If you are making a Jack-Jack baby costume, then you can use hair gel to style the hair in a vertical quiff. For the other characters, you can buy wigs or simply leave your own hair style. It is the costume more than the hair which makes this one. It's OK if it's a little rough round the edges as these costumes are so recognizable. You won't have anyone at your party or while you are trick or treating asking who you are.

If you can't find any long black gloves, you could try wearing a long black T-shirt with a short sleeve red T-shirt on top. Then you can use regular black gloves and it should give the same effect.

Now your The Incredibles DIY costume is complete, you can make more for your family or simply enjoy pretending to be one of your favorite superheroes.

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How to Make The Incredibles Costume