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How to Make a Tinkerbell Costume

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make a Tinkerbell Costume
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Would you like to dress up like Tinkerbell? The classic green dress and wings of Peter's Pan's faithful companion are a very beautiful and flattering outfit that can you take advantage of if you want to dress up as a fairy. By following a few simple tips and using some inexpensive materials you have at home, you can make a Tinkerbell costume at home. Find out how in the following OneHowTo article.

You'll need:

  • green fabric or a green shirt
  • ballet pumps
  • green paint
  • pompom
  • wings (you may need some white cardboard)
  • blue ribbon for your hair
  • make-up
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Steps to follow:


You can make a Tinkerbell costume with green fabric but you can also use a big t-shirt as shown in the image as well. You just need to draw the silhouette of the dress and trim the fabric accordingly. Then sew closely along the line and when you turn it over, you'll have the top part ready. It's as simple as that!

How to Make a Tinkerbell Costume - Step 1

Another very important part of a Tinkerbell costume is the wings. If you don't have any at home, the simplest thing is to make them with white cardboard that you can cut out and hang with white cord, or with some wire and white cloth. If possible, decorate the wings with some cotton or some other bright element to make it look better.

How to Make a Tinkerbell Costume - Step 2
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Regarding footwear, wearing some ballet pumps will be enough. If you have any that you no longer use, you can spray paint them green and put a white pompom on the top. If you don't have any ballet pumps to paint, you can use the leftover fabric from the shirt to cover your shoes.

How to Make a Tinkerbell Costume - Step 3
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Finally, a very important part of this DIY Tinkerbell costume is the make-up and hairstyle. Try to make a top knot. If you aren't blonde, there's no need to buy a wig. Make a bow with a piece of blue ribbon and tie it around the knot to look just like Tinkerbell.


Regarding make-up, use very light colors for your cheeks and light or silver colors for your eye shadow, use a fair share of mascara or add some fake eyelashes to make them flicker.. Use some pink or coral blush on your cheeks to create a naive look. Paint your lips in a light pink or nude hue and your homemade Tinkerbell costume will be ready.

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Image: www.funidelia.es
Image: www.larevistadelapalma.com
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How to Make a Tinkerbell Costume