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How Should the Godmother Dress at the Baptism

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How Should the Godmother Dress at the Baptism

According to the OED; baptism is the "the Christian religious rite symbolizing purification or regeneration and admission to the Christian Church". Therefore, generally baptisms are for children who receive this sacrament and become part of the Christian community.

Godparents are a crucial element in baptisms, as they will act as a help to the parents to educate the child. Godparents are usually family members or very close friends of the parents, who choose them to take part in their kid's education. If you've been chosen to be the godmother in a baptismal ceremony, it is important that you choose your dress well, as this will be a very important day. If you want some tips to find the best dress, read this OneHowTo article and learn how to dress in a baptism if you're the godmother.

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First, it is necessary to bear in mind that baptism is a religious celebration, in which children receive a holy sacrament for the first time. That is why your outfit must be appropriate; don't forget that it is a church ceremony.


Thus, women are recommended not to wear very plunging necklines, short skirts, bare shoulders and back, etc. Nor should they wear very bright colours, such as neon, or dress too flashy.


It's also useful to point out that this is a semiformal event, i.e., you must wear formal clothes, but not over-do it, for example you will not need to wear black tie.


On the other hand, when choosing what you will wear as godmother for a christening, you also need to consider the season where the celebration takes place. In many cases, it is expected that the ceremony takes place in a timely manner, but depending on the time of year the baby is born, it is possible that the baptism takes place in cold seasons.


A good option is a short or cocktail dress, but this must be at least knee length and no shorter. As already pointed out, it is recommended to choose colours that are not too flashy, so beige, earth tones or pastels can be ideal.


If the baptism is held in spring or summer, be sure to choose light materials for your godmother dress, so you don't get too hot in the church during the ceremony.


If the weather is cold or you don't like dresses, you could also choose a bright tailored suit, as it is worth pointing out that black is not the most appropriate colour for a christening.


It is recommended that the shoes you wear for the baptism are of medium height, and that they match with a small bag. Regarding accessories, we would advise you not to be too flashy, go instead for a simple look.


Regarding hair and makeup, again for a baptism it shouldn't be too flashy. Natural makeup and a simple but elegant hairstyle will be best.


As a final tip, when you choose the dress to wear as godmother at a baptism, we suggest that you opt for something which you feel comfortable in, while looking good. The protagonist of the ceremony will be the baby or child who is baptised, but remember that the role of godmother is also essential.

For more advice on dressing for a christening, check out our article how to dress for a christening.


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How Should the Godmother Dress at the Baptism
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How Should the Godmother Dress at the Baptism