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How to Dress your Baby for a Baptism

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By Max. D Gray. May 16, 2017
How to Dress your Baby for a Baptism

If you are a devout Christian and you have just given birth to your child, then you may have started thinking about baptism or christening. If you want to introduce your child to church and organize a ceremony for the first of the seven sacraments, then one of the most important points to take into account is how to dress your little bundle of joy. If you already know what you are going to wear to the baptism, then follow the tips given in this oneHOWTO article and learn how to dress your baby for a baptism, so he or she can look amazing while being the center of attention for the day.

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  1. Classic baptism attire for your baby
  2. Baptism outfit for a baby boy
  3. Baptism outfits for baby girls
  4. Tips to dress your baby for his or her baptism

Classic baptism attire for your baby

If you want your baptism to be classic and in accordance with the strictest of tradition, then there will be no difference between a boy or a girl's attire. The most important point to take into account, is that the baptized baby should wear white, as it is a symbol of purity.

You will need to go to a shop to get a baptism gown, which is a long white gown that will fit loose over your baby. They are usually longer than the baby and should hang down. The gown can have several embellishments such as rivets, embroidery or lace, though they are usually pretty gender-neutral.

Although your baby will most likely not be able to walk yet, you can put some booties on your baby to keep his/her tiny feet warm.

The final touch to your baby's baptism outfit is a cap, which is usually tied up under the baby's head and will be taken off when he or she is to be blessed with holy water.

How to Dress your Baby for a Baptism - Classic baptism attire for your baby

Baptism outfit for a baby boy

If you want your baby to have a more modern look for his baptism then there are other options that you can choose from in order to dress your baby boy. At oneHOWTO we're going to give you several suggestions that you'll be able to find in most specialized clothes shops and baby shops.

If you are baptizing your baby boy when he's six months or older, you'll easily be able to find elegant suits that are perfect for his christening. Although white should still dominate his outfit, you can combine other colors such as light brown, copper or silver garments. Combine a white shirt with some light brown shorts and a waistcoat in the same color or with a beautiful pattern. Make sure you put on some nice socks, as they're going to be visible, and some tiny, polished shoes, especially if he can already walk.

A bow tie may not sound very traditional, but if you want your baby boy to look all grown up, it's also an option that's acceptable.

How to Dress your Baby for a Baptism - Baptism outfit for a baby boy

Baptism outfits for baby girls

You can also dress your baby girl in a more feminine manner if you prefer. There are a wide range of dresses you can choose from. The most recommendable is to go for colors such as beige or vainilla if you don't want to go for classic white. If you want to add a little more color and be more daring, we advise you to go for pastel colors such as mint green, light blue or light pink.

Tulle skirts are pretty popular among those parents who want a more modern look for their baptized baby girl, and head scarves, diadems and tiaras are also pretty popular nowadays.

Again, choose some pretty socks, maybe with some rivets and shoes that match the dress perfectly and are polished.

Sometimes, godparents may want to give their godchild their first charm bracelet, usually in gold or silver and can come engraved with the baby's name.

How to Dress your Baby for a Baptism - Baptism outfits for baby girls

Tips to dress your baby for his or her baptism

Now that you know how to dress your baby for a baptism, let's take a look at some tips so that your baby looks his or her best on this special day for your family!

  • Make sure your baby is the center of attention. Take a look at how to dress for a Christening or baptism to make sure you don't stand out from the crowd.
  • Before deciding on the perfect outfit for your baby, it's advisable to go to your church and talk to the priest or pastor so you know what this certain congregation finds acceptable for a baptism dress for your baby. This will usually depend on the country, though certain priests may have different ideas.
  • It is customary to have your baby wrapped in a white blanket during the ceremony. This is done so the garment does not get dirty in any way and remains white.
  • After the service, if your baby is wearing a gown, you can have a nice dress or suit such as the ones mentioned above so you can get your baby changed into something more practical for the christening's celebrations.
  • Remember to have a bag full of clean diapers near you at all times! We don't want any unfortunate accidents!

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How to Dress your Baby for a Baptism