How to Make a Seven Dwarfs Costume

By Max. D Gray. Updated: April 27, 2020
How to Make a Seven Dwarfs Costume

Would you like to dress up as a dwarf from Snow White and the seven Dwarfs with your very own homemade costume? It's very simple! It's an ideal costume for both children and adults, either for Carnival or any other fancy dress party.With very little, you can create your own dwarf costume and be a part of your own fairy tale involving these little characters. Follow the oneHOWTO steps and learn how to make a DIY seven dwarfs costume from scratch.

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Step 1: the dwarf's hat

One of the most characteristic elements of a dwarf costume is the hat, which is big and pointed. To prepare it yourself, you will need a piece of felt large enough to be able to make it by twisting the fabric as if it were a cone, or even with a triangular pattern, and sew both sides. When you turn it inside out, you won't see the seams. You can also use an old Santa Claus hat if you don't want to make a seven Dwarfs costume hat yourself and get rid of the bauble on the tip.

Depending on the dwarf you are planning to be, you'll use a certain color for your hat:

  • Dopey: Purple
  • Grumpy:Brown
  • Happy: Yellow
  • Doc: Brown
  • Sneezy: Yellow
  • Sleepy: Blue
  • Bashful: Blue
How to Make a Seven Dwarfs Costume - Step 1: the dwarf's hat

Step 2: the dwarf's shirt

Also, you will need a shirt in the color of your dwarf. Always try to get a wide one that's not too close-fitting. In the case of dwarf costumes for children, you can use an adult shirt. Each of the seven dwarfs has a different colored long sleeved shirt:

  • Dopey: Green (Dopey's shirt needs to be very long)
  • Grumpy: Red
  • Happy: Brown
  • Doc: Red
  • Sneezy: Brown
  • Sleepy: Tan or beige
  • Bashful: Yellow

Step 3: the dwarf's belt

Put a wide black or brown belt with a large buckle on top of the dwarf shirt. As it can be difficult to find a belt like this. In these cases, you can also make a homemade belt for your Seven Dwarf's costume. You can do so by taking a strip of card which is 10 cm-wide. It is best to have one continuous strip, but if you don't have a piece big enough, you can tape segments of cereal boxes together.

Paint the cardboard strip black. Use another wider length of cardboard to make the buckle for the dwarf'd belt which needs to be big and gold (yellow will do also). An easy way to do this is to take a rectangular piece of yellow card or paint it yellow. You can then cut two slits at the side and then thread the black strip through. You can use the guide we have provided below to help you.

How to Make a Seven Dwarfs Costume - Step 3: the dwarf's belt

Step 4: the dwarf's legs

To dress up as a dwarf from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you can choose some tights or leggings. In a pinch, you could also use some baggy trousers. Similar to the hat of each dwarf, you will need to choose the right color for the right character.

  • Dopey: You can choose any pants as his shirt is so long they will hardly be showing
  • Grumpy: Brown
  • Happy: Blue
  • Doc: Light brown or beige
  • Sneezy: Maroon
  • Sleepy: Maroon
  • Bashful: Orange

Step 5: the dwarf's shoes

As for your dwarf shoes we recommend simply making a cover for your shoes with felt or foam. Since the boots of the dwarfs have a pointed tip, you can cut out the felt or sculpt the foam into the right shape. As you can see from the photo below, the boots help to complete the costume.

How to Make a Seven Dwarfs Costume - Step 5: the dwarf's shoes

Step 6: the dwarf's facial hair and accessories

For most of the dwarf costumes, you will need a beard, such as in the cases of Doc, Bashful, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy and Sleepy.

You will be able to find white beards in most fancy dress shops. You'll only need to cut your beard according to your character's bead length.

However, you can also make your own dwarf beard at home by creating a cardboard base in the shape of a beard, cutting out a hole for the mouth and sticking pieces of cotton wool to it to create the perfect beard. Attach an elastic band to it so it can go over the head.

As for accessories, only Doc has anything particularly noticeable in that he has little round glasses. However, all of them have round bulbous noses which tend to be a little red. Happy and Dopey have quite small noses, the rest are quite large except for Grumpy's which is very big and red.

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How to Make a Seven Dwarfs Costume
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How to Make a Seven Dwarfs Costume

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