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How To Make a DIY Princess Elsa Costume

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Make a DIY Princess Elsa Costume

Princess Elsa is the main character in the Disney film Frozen, and thanks to the film's enormous success more and more girls want to dress up as Elsa, whether its for Halloween, Carnival or any occasion!

In this OneHowTo article we are going to show you how to make a homemade Elsa costume yourself and get creative. There are various ways you can make a DIY Princess Elsa Costume to look the like the heroine of the film Frozen: you can make it from scratch using stencils/outlines, or simply by customizing it yourself using some clothes you already have. Want to know more? Keep reading below!

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Steps to follow:


If you want to make a homemade Elsa costume, the first thing you should know is that this is not an easy costume to make and will require some sewing and design skills to create your own dress. We should also tell you that it should be fairly easy to find this type of dress in most costume shops if you are in doubt about your sewing abilities, so you can still dress up as Elsa from Frozen.

If you do want to make the dress yourself, keep reading and we will show you step-by-step how to make the dress using a sewing machine. To make the dress you will need the following materials:

1 plain white t shirt

1-1.5 metres of Organza

50-60cms of Sateen Crepe, Satin Lining or Satinet

40cms of sequined fabric

Elastic thread

The measurements will vary according to the height of the girl who the costume is for. In the picture in the section below you can see the patterns you will need to follow to make the costume.


The first thing that we need to do is to make the skirt. For this you will need to first fold the fabric in half and join the edges. Using a sewing machine, join the fabric from top to bottom with about 1cm of overlap, next to the side that you are leaving open.

Afterwards you will need to sew down this side and all the way back up to the top part. In order for the skirt to look and fit well, you will need to have a hem of around 1cm.

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How To Make a DIY Princess Elsa Costume - Step 2

Moving on to the next step, we will need to mark the top part of the skirt with pins. Back-stitch the fabric all around the skirt leaving abut half a centimeter. You will need to gather the material, pulling the stitching until the top of the skirt is the same size as the lower part of the white t-shirt, which we are going to join together to create the dress.


Next, you will need to join together the two by lining up the points marked by pins on the skirt to the t-shirt, leaving a centimeter to join the two together. Pull together the edges of each garment and sew them together with a sewing machine all the way round so that they stay firmly attached.

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How To Make a DIY Princess Elsa Costume - Step 4

Next you will need to measure the size of the t-shirt up to the height of the armpit and cut a 2 centimeter seam about 25 Cm in length. fold the fabric in half and back-stitch together with a sewing machine. If necessary, darn this side to the top part.


Now we are going to make the cape for this homemade Princess Elsa costume. For this we will need to take the organza and run a thread through the top part. This will be used to gather the fabric and give it a fantastical appearance. Once this is done, you will need to attach the cape to the rest of your Princess Elsa costume. Starting in the middle and working out toward the armholes, fasten the cape to the dress using pins, before sewing together with the machine so that everything stays firmly attached together.

You can cut the excess or left over lace or tulle fabric from the cape so that it fits with the dress perfectly. We would also recommend sewing along the bottom of the cape for the best results.

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How To Make a DIY Princess Elsa Costume - Step 6

In order to create a DIY costume that really looks like Princess Elsa from Frozen, you will need to get a crown to wear and make a long braided plait with the hair. If you have short hair, you can get a blonde braid wig, as this is one of the most characteristic parts of the Princess Elsa Costume.


The makeup should also be copied from the character. For this you will need to apply pink or light purple eye shadow, and if possible, apply a bit of glitter to give yourself a fantastical look. Paint your lips pink and apply a bit of pink blusher to the cheeks.

For shoes, the best option is to get some blue or white ballet shows and cover them in glitter. You will look amazing!

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How To Make a DIY Princess Elsa Costume - Step 8

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How To Make a DIY Princess Elsa Costume