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How to Make a Grease Costume

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: May 10, 2017
How to Make a Grease Costume
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Grease has been a popular film for many generations. After all, what's not to like? It has lots of catchy songs that are well known by now, a classic love story and a lot of clothes. In Grease you can see several outfits, from the style of the guys' suits to the black outfit Sandy wears at the end of the film. However, what sticks in the memory is the 50's style mainly shown off by the girls. Therefore, at OneHowTo we explain how to make a Grease costume and get the exact look.

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Danny & Sandy costume

When we think of the movie Grease the unforgettable Sandy comes to mind, played by Olivia Newton John and Danny Zuko, played by John Travolta. These two characters are the protagonists of this musical and their clothes are the most imitated when making a Grease costume.

Also, the good thing about these characters is that they have different memorable moments in the film that show different characteristics. For example, to make a Sandy costume you can go for the good girl look from most of the film or you can go for the leather-clad sexy look from the end. For a Danny costume you can go for the black clothes from most of the film or the school sports outfit.

Sandy, the good girl

To make an Sandy from Grease costume, i.e. in the character played by Olivia Newton John, we will distinguish between three types of costume depending, as we have said, on the part of the film in which we find ourselves. Among the most popular costumes for parties we find Sandy the good girl, Sandy the cheerleader for the school football team and the sizzling Sandy from the end of the film. Depending on the Sandy we want, the costume will be one way or another.

For this costume you just need a floating midi skirt, i.e. one that goes below the knees with a high waist. The top is a shirt and cover your shoulders with a cotton cardigan or jacket. The colors have to be pastel, especially yellow or pink tones.

The hairstyle for this costume has to be loose with a half or high ponytail, as both hairstyles appear in the film. The make-up should be as natural as possible so that you hardly notice it.

How to Make a Grease Costume - Sandy, the good girl
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Sandy, the femme fatale

However, the most recognizable Sandy Grease costume is the black leather outfit which she appears in at the end of the film. To get the look shown here, you just need some tight black skinny trousers, made of leather if possible to make the outfit seem more realistic.

The shirt should also be black, tight and off the shoulder. If you can't find one like this, you can go for a shirt with wide straps that you can lower to shoulder height to mimic Sandy. Cover yourself with a biker style, black leather jacket to complete your look.

Sandy's shoes in this scene are red heels that match her make-up. Throughout the film we see a girl with almost no make-up and now she appears with red lips and lots of eye catching black make-up on her eyes. A final element that cannot be overlooked is the hair; go for curly hair with lots of volume to give you that sexy and very special touch.

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Sandy the cheerleader

This is another of the most popular Grease costumes and is when Sandy appears dressed as a cheerleader. It has a very specific and unforgettable style. So, if you want to dress up as Sandy the cheerleader, get a midi, bright red skirt. The features should be the same as we pointed out above. The length should reach below the knees and it should also be placed high up on the waist to let it float.

Then get a white shirt that, if possible, also has a red Peter Pan collar. In the center of the shirt you will have to put an "R" for the name of the school. Also, to make it look more realistic, we recommend making the school logo which consists of an R with a megaphone behind.

Then just put on some white trainers and some fairly high socks. To finish, make some red pompoms which are the essential accessory for this costume. In this OneHowTo article we'll tell you in detail how to make a cheerleader costume.

How to Make a Grease Costume - Sandy the cheerleader
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Danny Suco costume

The character played by John Travolta, Danny Zuco, does not have as many variations but his style is very personal. Throughout the whole film he appears dressed in black, with black tight trousers and a white, short-sleeved cotton shirt underneath a black leather jacket. The jacket is always worn open to show the shirt underneath.

However, the most characteristic part of Danny is his hair. The hairstyle that he has throughout the film is very unique and personal. So, if you want to use this costume, you need to learn how to achieve this hairstyle. An accessory to your costume could be the comb he always carries in his shirt pocket.

If you want to dress up as he looks in the final scene, you just change the leather jacket for a typical white baseball jacket with the initials of the school team, i.e. the same "R" with a megaphone behind that we mentioned earlier in Sandy's cheerleader costume.

How to Make a Grease Costume - Danny Suco costume

And now that you have the look, maybe this will interest you: How to throw a 1950s themed party. In this way, not only will you be in this style but your friends will also dress up like the stars of the film.

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How to Make a Grease Costume