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How To Dress Like A Baby For Halloween

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Dress Like A Baby For Halloween

What good times those in which we had no concerns other than playing about! Childhood is one of the periods of life that are most missed and it is this reason that makes most wish to be children again. And this you can do, if just for one day, when going to a fancy dress party or because it's Carnival, Halloween or any other occasion. Therefore, in OneHowTo we explain how to dress like a baby for Halloween.

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Steps to follow:


There are numerous options to make a baby costume for Halloween, so you can let your imagination go. First, decide whether you want to dress up as a regular baby or a scary baby, as this will determine your clothing.

How To Dress Like A Baby For Halloween - Step 1

If you choose to dress like regular baby, the recommended option will be to make a nappy from a white cloth. To do this, you must give it a shape like that of underwear but too big, then fill it with a material such as foam or cushion padding. Also, you must place an elastic on the top of the fictional nappy to fasten it properly. You can also use a nappy if you're going for a scary baby too.

To cover your torso, you can choose a colorful t-shirt in pink or fuchsia tones and cover it with a bib with a child like print on it which you can make yourself or purchase from a store.

How To Dress Like A Baby For Halloween - Step 2

In case you want to dress like a baby that isn't wearing diapers any longer,a baby, there are infinite possibilities to do so. Normally, people go for clothes in pink tones for the female connotations this carries. But you can go for other colors, especially if you are a boy.

So you can search around the house for pieces of clothing in pink tones, such as old pajamas or an old t-shirt and shorts. If you have nothing that fits the bill you can choose to make the baby's costume yourself, whether for a man or a woman.

How To Dress Like A Baby For Halloween - Step 3

Accessories are one of the most important things to take into account when dressing up as a baby for Halloween. And so you will need accessories, real or toy ones, such as:

  • Dummy
  • Baby bottle (fill with red liquid depicting blood if you're a scary baby)
  • Bib (paint with fake splashes of blood)
  • Dolls (rip the doll's head off and wear it as a necklace)
  • Rattles (if you're going for a scary costume you can add some splashes of blood)
  • Lollipops or sweets
  • Stuffed animals
  • Fake wound (for a scary baby costume)
  • ...
How To Dress Like A Baby For Halloween - Step 4

As for hair and make-up for the little girl costume, in the case of girls with long hair you can go for two pigtails, one on each side, which will give a childish look. Also, painted flushed cheeks and freckles are also a good option to dress up as a girl, both for girls and boys.

How To Dress Like A Baby For Halloween - Step 5

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How To Dress Like A Baby For Halloween