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DIY Handmaid's Tale Costume for Halloween

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By Max. D Gray. September 20, 2017
DIY Handmaid's Tale Costume for Halloween
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One of the most awarded shows at the 2017 Emmy awards, the Handmaid's Tale is one of the most popular shows on Hulu. The dystopic world of Gillead, based on Margaret Atwood's novel, first published in 1985. If you want to be up to date with the latest costume trends this Halloween, dressing up as Offred, the Handmaid played in the series by Elisabeth Moss, is the perfect choice for you! Keep on reading this oneHOWTO article to make a DIY Handmaid's tale costume for Halloween.

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Handmaid's tale dress

The most striking item for your DIY Handmaid's Tale costume for Halloween has to be Offred's bright red dress, which identifies her as a Handmaid. Although, if you want to wear a cape, you can more or less wear anything red underneath, the best is to wear a red dress. It should be tight fitting at the top and wide from the waist down. It should be an ankle length dress as well as long-sleeved.

If you can't find a dress that fits the description, another option is to get a long sleeved, red T-shirt and a long red skirt in the same color. With just a piece of red fabric, you can also make the skirt yourself by adding an elastic band on one end of the fabric, folding it over the elastic and sewing it. Make sure the fabric is the right width and length to fit you perfectly.

DIY Handmaid's Tale Costume for Halloween - Handmaid's tale dress
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Handmaid's tale cape

When outdoors, Handmaids wear a cape with a hood to stay warm but still be identifiable by other Gillead citizens. Our best bet for a DIY cape is to find a cape such as one you'd find for a Little Red Riding Hood costume, although they tend to be shorter, and Handmaids' capes are feet long. If you can't find one, graduation robes are the closest thing to a cape, even though they don't have a hood.

You can find red cloaks online for as little as 25$, so if you're in time for a little digital shopping then it's worth the purchase.

Handmaid's tale coiff and bonnet

When indoors, Handmaids such as Offred or Ofglen have to wear a coiff to cover their hair, which has to be tied in a bun or similar updo. If you're good at sewing you can easily make one from scratch by tying a ribbon to a piece of white fabric that covers your head, you can buy a maid's coiff in a specialized shop or fancy dress shop. Again, you'll find plenty of coiffs on the net too.

On the other hand, when outdoors, handmaids also wear a bonnet that makes eye contact difficult. This is pretty easy to make yourself at home. You can get a white lampshade and get rid of the metallic ridge, cut 1/3 of it and, with the rest, add a ribbon and stick it with hot glue so you can tie it to your neck.

You can also purchase a puritan bonnet as if you were going to dress as an Amish too.

DIY Handmaid's Tale Costume for Halloween - Handmaid's tale coiff and bonnet
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To complete your DIY Handmaid's Tale costume there are a few more details that will make you look like an authentic Handmaid this Halloween. To begin with, a pair of combat or flat calf-high boots in brown or camel color will look great, even though they won't be highly visible.

Handmaids have a bag so they can go grocery shopping. Although a white tote bag is acceptable, a fishnet bag is what they really have in the series to but their groceries in. You can find it rarely cheap online and you'll be able to re-use it after having worn it for the costume.

If you want to dress up as Ofglen instead of the Handmaid's Tale's main character, you'll need an eye patch too. Make one with a gauze and a piece of adhesive tape to stick it to your eye. Make sure the tape is on your skin and not your lashes to avoid nasty accidents.

DIY Handmaid's Tale Costume for Halloween - Accessories
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Handmaid's tale costume makeup

Handmaids can't wear makeup, as they cannot show off their femininity in any way at all. However, the excellent photography that the Hulu series has to offer gives us some hints on how to do your makeup for this costume.

Use primer on your face to make sure your makeup lasts longer. Use a foundation that is as similar as possible to your skin to give you a natural look. Use a matte texture for your foundation, as this is the texture that the series gives handmaids. Bake and lock your makeup with locking powder in the same tone, which will give your skin a velvety finish.

Use a dark eye shadow to create fake dark circles around your eyes. Spread the eye shadow with your little finger, as you don't want to go over the top. Use a sponge to spread it properly and blend it with the rest of the makeup. You can use a transparent mascara if you want to curl your lashes a little, but it's not mandatory.

Use a lip liner that is as similar as your natural lip color as possible and line your lips. Use a natural lipstick tone, again in a matte finish.

Martha costume

Now that you know how to make a Handmaid costume, how about having your friends dress up as other Handmaid's tale characters?

Marthas are in charge of house chores, they are not fertile and are at the service of Wives and Commanders. Wear a long-sleeved, light green dress up to your toes. On top wear a light green or white apron.

Marthas also wear a coiff, but in this case it is more similar to those that Catholic nuns wear. Get a piece of light green fabric (the same color as the dress), making sure it covers all of your hair and is shoulder length. Wrap it around your hair and secure it with a safety pin so it doesn't fall.

DIY Handmaid's Tale Costume for Halloween - Martha costume
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Aunt costume

Aunts are in charge of groups of Handmaids. They teach them how to behave, instruct them and are their monitors. They are strict but caring for their protegees.

To make an Aunt Lydia costume from a Handmaid's Tale, wear a high waist, long brown skirt. Use a thick, black waist belt and a brown jumper. You'll also need a brown, long jacket in the same color. A military jacket can also do the trick.

Don't forget to put up your hair in a low bun, use plenty of hair gel to make sure your hair is completely groomed.

DIY Handmaid's Tale Costume for Halloween - Aunt costume
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DIY Handmaid's Tale Costume for Halloween