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How to Make a Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. October 25, 2022
How to Make a Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume

Choosing the right Halloween costume for you will depend on many factors. Some people want to choose something funny, some may want to choose something as grotesque as possible and others simply want to look good. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has an ever-expanding range of costume options to choose from, but somehow still manage to make them fresh and exciting. One of the most exciting is the Scarlet Witch, a protagonist who appears in many comics, films and even the WandaVision TV series. Otherwise known as Wanda Maximoff, she could be the perfect option for your Halloween party.

You may be able to buy commercially produced Scarlet Witch costumes from party stores, but they are often expensive and of poor quality. They also may not even fit. With oneHOWTO, you can see how to make a Scarlet Witch Halloween costume. This DIY Wanda Maximoff costume is cheap, easy and fun to make!

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  1. Get a red cape
  2. Get some high boots
  3. Wear tights or leggings
  4. Wear a matching corset or bodysuit
  5. Long red gloves
  6. Scarlet Witch crown to finish the costume

Get a red cape

Wanda Maximoff has two very characteristic colors. First there is the purple she uses mostly in her Avenger phase. The other is a colorful red which is used during WandaVision. Since red is generally easier to find, you should go with a scarlet cloak, ideally without a hood. This can be very easy to find as many other Halloween costumes may use a red cloak, including Little Red Riding Hood or a costume for the Handmaid's Tale.

To make it look as close to the real Scarlet Witch as possible, get a cape that touches the ground or at least meets the knees. The important thing is that you have a cape or cloak that can wrap around your shoulders and gives you the right look. If you want to look like the Scarlet Witch from the Dr. Strange films, you could choose for darker colors including maroon, burgundy or even black.

How to Make a Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume - Get a red cape

Get some high boots

Another part of the Scarlet Witch costume that can not fail are high boots. This accessory is very common in Marvel superheroes and villains, giving the characteristic touch to define the costume. Ideally, they should have a heel or platform, but this is dependent on your preference. The most important thing is that they go with the rest of the Scarlet Witch Halloween costume, so choose some which best match your cape color.

How to Make a Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume - Get some high boots

Wear tights or leggings

In many countries, Halloween can range from chilly to downright cold. For this reason, tights are often a very good idea. When it is very cold, leggings might be an even better option. If you live somewhere cold is not a worry, then you may be able to forgo them, but they are great for the look if you don't overheat. While you could choose a color that matches cape and boots, plain black stockings would work, as would stockings that match your skin tone. Finally a purplish-pink color as you can see in the photo below will also work well.

How to Make a Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume - Wear tights or leggings

Wear a matching corset or bodysuit

To finish the main part of the Wanda Maximoff Halloween costume, you have two main options. The first is a corset which color matches the rest of the outfit. This will keep the top half giving the correct look. Of course, you will have to wear something appropriate for the bottom half. Red shorts are a great option, hotpants may even be good for you if you can pull them off.

For those who do not have a corset available, a bodysuit might be a great choice. This will keep skintight to your body and allow you to layer it over your tights. The bodysuit can have short sleeves or straps, but it is best to have your hands free for the gloves. Again, the color depends on the rest of the Scarlet Witch Halloween outfit.

How to Make a Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume - Wear a matching corset or bodysuit

Long red gloves

Along with the cape, important accessories for the Scarlet Witch Halloween outfit are long gloves. Halloween is the ideal excuse to use their accessories and they can be found at any good Halloween, costume or party store. Choose the color of glove to match your outfit. This can be a different tone to the bodysuit, but it must match the cape. They should be as long as possible and even go past the elbows if you can find them. This gives the elegant and stylish look that the Scarlet Witch is known for.

How to Make a Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume - Long red gloves

Scarlet Witch crown to finish the costume

To finish, we cannot forget the accessory which gives Wanda Maximoff her most characteristic costume piece. Specifically, we mean her crown. This is a red crown that is placed on the forehead and goes around the eyebrows and down the cheeks. It gives a great sense of power, almost like the crown of a Medieval queen. You can find replicas of the Scarlet Witch crown, both official and not-so-official.

While buying one will be easy and effective, you can achieve very similar results by making your own homemade Scarlet Witch crown. You can simply trace over the picture below as a template and then layer this over some red card. Attach this cut out to a headband and allow it to frame your face. All you have to do is put on some red lipstick (where appropriate) and your Scarlet Witch Halloween costume is ready.

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How to Make a Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume - Scarlet Witch crown to finish the costume

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How to Make a Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume