How To Make A Maleficent Costume At Home

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make A Maleficent Costume At Home

Maleficent is the evil character in the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale which has already been made into various films. And so it is a great idea to use this character to make a unique and original costume for any Halloween or Carnival costume party. If you too want to transform yourself into this evil character do not miss this OneHowTo article on how to make a Maleficent costume at home.

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Steps to follow:

First, note that when making the Maleficent costume we can take inspiration from:

  • The film Maleficent by Robert Stromberg, where Angelina Jolie plays the wicked witch
  • The Disney animated film Sleeping Beauty where this character also appears.

And so there are two options when creating the Maleficent costume and make-up.

How To Make A Maleficent Costume At Home - Step 1

Yet in both cases you must make Maleficent horns or at least some that look similar. To do this you must use a metal wire and shape it by curving it manually or with the help of pliers. Then you will need to cover the wire, for example with newspaper or foam to give consistency, and finally create a last layer by covering them with black cloth or by painting them black. You can also add paper maché and paint it black when the glue has dried.

We recommend you attach the horns to a metal headband so that they will easily stand on the head, then you can use a shower cap painted black or make a helmet shape using some black cloth to cover the head.

How To Make A Maleficent Costume At Home - Step 2

If you want to dress up like Maleficent in the Disney film, with real actors, you need a complete black suit. A long robe will serve if this covers you to your toes and then add a short cape with wide sleeves and a turned up collar.

If you have a long black dress that doesn't have flared sleeves, we recommend you get black fabric and make a hole in the middle to put your head through, this way you'll have a cape with flared sleeves.

On your feet you can wear any kind of black shoes, but we recommend that you opt for something comfortable to wear your Maleficent costume without getting tired.

How To Make A Maleficent Costume At Home - Step 3

In the case of the animated film Maleficent, the clothing must also have shades of lilac or violet to resemble the character from Sleeping Beauty. The neck from the tunic can be in this color, and you can also add this kind of detail on the sleeves or the rest of the black robe.

How To Make A Maleficent Costume At Home - Step 4

For both Maleficent costumes you must get a scepter, i.e. a handy stick to carry as a symbol of power. As you see in the picture, in the case of animated film, the scepter must be yellow like gold, while in the other film it was black. You can make one by using a branch or wooden stick and then wrapping or painting it.

How To Make A Maleficent Costume At Home - Step 5

Regarding the makeup for the Maleficent costume, the Disney version will be the more elaborate of the two as the animated character had greenish colored skin. Thus, you should cover your face with a foundation of green, and then paint your eyelids lilac or deep violet combined with black.

In both characters, the lips should be red and you can also add long black fake nails or paint yours in this color.

For more costume ideas, read:

How To Make A Maleficent Costume At Home - Step 6

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How To Make A Maleficent Costume At Home
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How To Make A Maleficent Costume At Home

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