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How to Make a Homemade Egyptian Costume

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: May 25, 2020
How to Make a Homemade Egyptian Costume

A classic homemade costume idea for both boys and girls for costume parties,Carnival and Halloween is to create a DIY Egyptian Costume. You can make an Egyptian costume at home very easily and with very few materials. It will look great and you won't need to spend much time doing it.

If you want to look great at your next costume party follow the steps in this OneHowTo article and learn how to make a homemade Egyptian costume.

You'll need:

  • White and gold fabric
  • Scissors
  • Golden card or cardboard and paint
  • Beads
  • Glue
  • Sandals
  • Headband
  • Make-up
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Steps to follow:


To create the main part of your DIY Egyptian Costume - an Egyptian tunic - you'll need a white sheet or white cloth, but beige or even gold fabrics will work too. You just need to wrap it around your body and secure with a knot, a brooch or, if you prefer, sew in some stitches to hold it in place better.

Don't forget to cut a hole that is big enough for your head at the top! In the case of women, you'll only need a simple, long, white dress or if you prefer, you can choose a shorter dress for a sexier style too.


Using the same fabric as the tunic or combining different colors, make a braid to use as a belt. You can make several braids and use them as straps for your tunic. Another option that will give the Egyptian costume authenticity is to tie a golden chain to your waist to hold the tunic or dress.

How to Make a Homemade Egyptian Costume - Step 2

Another Egyptian costume idea to add some authenticity is to create a wide collar to place on the shoulders to complete the pharaoh costume. We recommend making it golden, so either use some gold card, or for something stiffer use cardboard and paint it or spray-paint it later. To do the collar, draw a big circle the diameter of which is the same length as the distance between your shoulders. Then, draw a smaller circle large enough to fit over your head and cut it out.

How to Make a Homemade Egyptian Costume - Step 3

Decorate the collar and dress with golden patterns and glass beads that look like jewels. Match gold with different colors, if possible metallic ones like turquoise blue, green, red, etc.


As accessories for your homemade Egyptian costume, get some gold bracelets or bangles which you could wear both on your ankles, arms or wrists. Moreover, you can also include different necklaces in gold without worrying about looking too baroque. You can also add a golden tiara or head band on your head or on your wig if you're a woman.

To complete the look, wear brown or beige sandals in a roman style or with various strips attached to the calf as they're ideal for Egyptian costumes.

How to Make a Homemade Egyptian Costume - Step 5

A key element in this costume is makeup, which must especially mark the eyes. In the case of men, it will be enough to apply dark eye shadow or to use black eyeliner.

And to add the finishing touches to your Egyptian costume? To get an authentic Cleopatra-style make-up you should follow these tips.

  1. Mark your eyebrows with a dark eyeliner
  2. Apply a cream, blue eye-shadow on the whole of the mobile eyelid, adding some golden shades too.
  3. With a black eyeliner, draw a thick line that goes from the tear duct to the external part of the mobile eyelid and, when you get to this point, draw a thin triangle that goes upwards towards the end of the eye brow, as you can see on the image.
  4. Last but not least, underline the top eyelid with black eyeliner and your eyes will be ready. You can leave your lips “au naturel” or give them a golden, fuchsia or orange touch.
How to Make a Homemade Egyptian Costume - Step 6

If you want the full-on Cleopatra Egyptian costume, at oneHOWTO we've got you covered with these simple tips to look exactly like the last of the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

Cleopatra hairstyle

One of the key elements to get a Cleopatra Egyptian costume is her hairstyle. The pharaoh sported a midi bob cut, just above her shoulders. It was a straight cut with straight bangs too. If you're not keen on this haircut, most costume shops have this type of wig, it won't be difficult to find.

Cleopatra crown

We've already spoken about the makeup so, what is left to look like a real Ancient Egyptian pharaoh like Cleopatra is the crown. To make it, you simply have to measure your head and create a 5 cm wide strip of cardboard. Stick some dry legumes with superglue to depict the jewelry and spray paint in gold.

You can also attach strings with beads to it so you have golden jewelry dangling from it.


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  • You can purchase many of the accessories, though it is pretty easy to make Egyptian accessories with just cardboard, dry pasta or legumes and a good hand of golden spray paint.
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How to Make a Homemade Egyptian Costume