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What to Wear on Sangeet Night - Women and Men

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What to Wear on Sangeet Night - Women and Men

There are 2 factors to be taken into consideration when choosing what to wear on Sangeet Night: comfort and Sangeet night theme. Taking that into consideration, women can wear a lehenga with blouse, or an embellished salwar kameez, while men can opt for kurta with jodhpuris or pajama. Western-Indian fusion is also appropriate.

Below we will give you lots of ideas regarding men's wear for sangeet, as well as sangeet night outfits for women. Regardless of the theme of the sangeet you are attending, you will surely find inspiration in this oneHOWTO article. Sangeet night is one of the funniest events in an Indian wedding. While there is no specific sangeet night dress code, there are a few things to keep into consideration while choosing sangeet night outfits. So, let's discover what to wear on sangeet night, for women and men.

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Sangeet night dress code

As we said, there is no specific sangeet night dress code because this is not such a formal event like the wedding and reception. Nonetheless, you need to be careful when you choose your sangeet night clothes, because what you want to avoid is looking inappropriate.

Here is what you need to take into consideration regarding sangeet night dress code:

  • Music and dance are the main activities in a sangeet night, so you need to dress comfortably enough to dance and have fun. Avoid materials that make you feel tight or risk of getting damaged.
  • Is there a set theme in the sangeet night you are attending? Ask the couple because that could be fun and help you solve the problem of what to wear on sangeet night. Typical sangeet night themes include Mughal Empire, Qawali, Bollywood movies, Punjabi, royalty etc.
  • Sangeet night is the wedding night when you can really be brave and show up wearing fun, original outfits. Pick a cheerful color or wear a fun accessory. It is a fun, not too formal night!
  • Keep in mind that family members will be present, so be sensitive and respectful when you choose your sangeet night outfit.

Let's now come to what to wear on sangeet night.


Men's wear for sangeet

Typical men's wear for sangeet include kurta pajama in cheerful colors, jodhpuris, sherwanis and embellished Western-Indian jackets. Make sure you don't look too serious or formal.

Things to bear in mind when choosing what to wear on sangeet night for men:

  • Wear light, comfortable, and breathable materials. Avoid heavy bandhgalas such as velvet, keep it for the ceremony. You need to feel comfortable while dancing, and not sweat too much.
  • Avoid colors that are too dark and boring. Opt for green, lagoon blue etc.
  • If you do wear a jacket, be ready to take it off while dancing, so make sure what you wear underneath looks nice too.
  • Don't overdo the embroideries on sangeet night, you don't want to overdo for this event.

Here is a list of ideas on men's wear for sangeet:

  • Men kurta churidar in light blue or lagoon colors look fabulous on sangeet night, especially if the theme is related to Punjabi wear.
  • Simple sherwani kurta in light color or funny prints can be appropriate too, as long as you do not choose one that is too embroidered, heavy or delicate.
  • An ethnic printed waist coat paired with kurta pajama or dhoti pants looks amazing.
  • A simple but elegant kurta pajama: you cannot go wrong with that.
  • Indo-Western dress pants with a blazer can look good if they are not too formal or uncomfortable.
  • Jodhpuris with a short kurta might well be the most fashionable option among men's wear for sangeet.
  • Printed bandhgala jacket with pajama or dhoti pants, but make sure the bandhgala jacket is fun and colorful.
  • You can add a light jacket and scarf to a simple kurta to give structure to the look.

For the hairstyle, pick something simple and clean such as Ranbir Kapoor's hairstyle.

If you would like to know how to dress for other events of the Indian wedding, we have an article about men gusts at Indian weddings.

As you can see, there are a few men's wear for sangeet options, the key to what to wear on sangeet night is always comfort, fun and not overdoing it.


Sangeet night outfits for women

Women have so many options when it comes to what to wear on sangeet night. So many colors, styles and accessories to choose from!

Similarly to men, you need to take a few points into consideration:

  • Light, comfortable, not too delicate clothes material: you want to dance freely!
  • For the same reason, do not wear a dress that is too long or you will step on it.
  • Wear cheerful colors such as fuschia.
  • Do not overshadow the bride, ask her what she is going to wear and keep it simple.

Here is a list of sangeet night outfits for women:

  • Not tool long, embellished anarkalis can be both comfy and elegant.
  • Lehenga with blouse or a more Western style long skirt paired with an embroidered top like Alia Bhatt in 2 States.
  • Angrakha kurta in a funky color or print might well be the most comfortable option.
  • A safe option if you are looking at what to wear on sangeet night is a elegant and fancy salwar kameez.
  • If there will be wild dancing, Western style clothes are appropriate for young women, as long as you add a hint of color and spice.
  • Indo-Western long dresses can work too.
  • Funky prints can be worn on sangeet night.

Sangeet night outfits for women: accessories

Apart from what to wear on sangeet night, you might want to know how to accessorize your style properly. We already told you how to accessorize a plain saree, let's now see how to accessorize Sangeet night clothes for women.

  • Hairstyles: a bun is ideal if you want to dance comfortably.
  • Shoes: put a ban on high heels unless you know you are comfortable dancing with them. Medium size heels or even embellished jhuthis will work best.
  • Wear flowers on your hair and jewellery. It will look amazing with a hair bun: it is a fun and happy occasion!
  • Go light on make up for this occasion, kajal eyeliner and a natural color lipstick will suffice.
  • With a traditional outfit, wear bindi.

Now you know what to wear on sangeet night, for men and women, have fun!


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What to Wear on Sangeet Night - Women and Men
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What to Wear on Sangeet Night - Women and Men