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How To Make A Clown Costume

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make A Clown Costume

Have you been invited to a costume party and do not know what to wear? You want to be innovative but do not know how to do it, how about you forget about fashionable costumes and opt for a classic? Definitely one of the most traditional is the clown costume and, contrary to what you might think, you can make it one of the most original if you know how. Therefore, in this OneHowTo.com article we intend to take advantage of materials and clothing you have at home to make your own clown costume easily and quickly. You can reuse it in other celebrations like Mardi Gras or Halloween, do not miss it!

You'll need:

  • Large and colourful clothes
  • Decorations like buttons, pieces of cloth, pompoms
  • A waistcoat or suspenders
  • Make Up
  • Red nose
  • Coloured wig
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Steps to follow:


To begin making your clown costume the first thing you should do is a make a selection of clothing you have at home. These clothes should be large and colorful, typical of clowns. If you don't have any, do not hesitate to ask a family member or friend who has a bigger trouser, shirt or dress size than you. As for colors, if you are planning to use old clothes that you're never going to wear again, you have the option of dying them.

How To Make A Clown Costume - Step 1

Slightly modify these clothes. For example, for the top half you can add large colored buttons or some pompoms to further recreate clown style. With the pants you can do the same, put some back pockets or patches with a piece brightly colored cloth. Or, if you have two pairs of trousers that you are not going to use and the fabrics and style are similar, you can join the left leg of one to the right leg of the other. Now your costume is even more elaborate! You don't need to be great at sewing, remember that clowns are characterized by uneven , poorly sewn, faded and loose clothing.

How To Make A Clown Costume - Step 2

If you want you can make a waistcoat for your clown costume, where you can put a flower that squirts water to play tricks on your friends, like a real clown. You don't have to do this, but it is a nice touch. If you prefer, you can put suspenders on or simulate them with two pieces of tape. These can be colorful or black, however you like, but remember that bright colors will look best for your clown costume.

How To Make A Clown Costume - Step 3

Following the characterization of the clowns, feel free to use a bow tie or a bib. They can be made from fabric and purchased or you can make them yourself with crepe paper. Remember that exaggeration is one of the most characteristic features of these fun characters; so, it should be enormous and very colourful.

To make a bow tie with crepe paper simply cut a fairly large rectangle, fold down the middle, put a piece of tape so that it is wrinkled and cover the tape with another piece of paper the same or another colour.

How To Make A Clown Costume - Step 4

Every good clown costume needs good make up. To do this, first apply a layer of moisturiser to your face to protect your skin. Then paint the whole face white with special facial paint. That done, leave it to dry a little and highlight the eyes and mouth with other colours. You can do this by drawing a circle around the eyes and colouring it in, or just simply leave the contour and centre white. As for the mouth, the perfect colour is red. Draw a smiling mouth and fill it with red.

As decoration, you can draw tears falling from the eyes, stars on the cheeks, or triangles above and below the eyes. Let your imagination run wild and add to your clown makeup as you like. Glitter is always a perfect choice to complete your makeup.

For more detailed information, don't miss our clown makeup tutorial to get the perfect look!

How To Make A Clown Costume - Step 5

Finally, we get to the key details all good homemade clown costumes must have: a red nose, a colorful wig, and enormous shoes. If you do not want to buy a wig, you always have the option of backcombing your hair if you have long hair. You can also spray it with special colors. And if you want to add something else, feel free to add a little hat to your colorful hair.

How To Make A Clown Costume - Step 6

If you want a clown costume for women, you can modify the costume slightly if you want a more feminine look.

  • Use a skirt or dress instead of pants: To emphasize your feminine shape, we recommend you free your legs instead of wearing pants. Go for a colorful mini-skirt or short dress instead.
  • Use high heels: to dress up as a woman clown we recommend you go for red high heels to combine with your outfit.
  • Pig tails: As for your hairstyle, we recommend going for pigtails as it is a fun and naive way of depicting a clown.


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How To Make A Clown Costume