How to Make a Chucky Halloween Costume

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make a Chucky Halloween Costume

Halloween is certainly one of the most fun events of the year, and although it began in the United States it is increasingly integrated with other cultures. It is not surprising therefore that there are more and more children and adults who want to dress up for this occasion.

If you are in search of a Homemade Halloween Costume which is creepy and great, at OneHowTo we suggest you dress up as Chucky - the infamous demonic doll. Discover how to make a DIY Chucky costume for Halloween and have great fun without spending a fortune on a costume.

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Steps to follow:

Chucky is one of the most iconic horror film characters, a murderer and psychopath doll that terrorises everyone who crosses his path. What better argument than that for Halloween?

To start making your DIY Chucky costume you must find a long sleeve stripped shirt (or short sleeve if you do not have a long one), similar to that used by this doll in the several films he starred in which is basically in the colors of the rainbow.

How to Make a Chucky Halloween Costume - Step 1

The next step to get Chucky's demonic style is to find some denim dungarees, a prerequisite for this Halloween costume. With these two elements you already have the Chucky attire, now we come to the details.

How to Make a Chucky Halloween Costume - Step 2

Chucky has red hair that hardly goes unnoticed. To achieve the same look in your DIY Chucky costume you can wear a short red wig to make you look more similar to the doll. Untidy your hair, maybe even use hair spray to fix the shape you chose and make it last longer. If you have short hair you can also opt for using red spray dye that will go away when you wash it.

How to Make a Chucky Halloween Costume - Step 3

Makeup is another very important part of this look. As Chucky kills more and more and after suffering some accidents, his face fills with scars that cannot be missing in your costume. You can paint these with a red and brown lip pencil to give it some depth, or try a slightly more professional make-up by following the instructions on how to make a fake wound.

How to Make a Chucky Halloween Costume - Step 4

If you'd like to add more detail in your costume so it resembles the real Chucky from the movie add the words: GOOD GUYS on the dungarees.

You can do so with permanent marker, though it will look quite dark and won't show properly.

At OneHowto we think the best option is to create the letters yourselves using red letter stickers, which you'll be able to purchase in many crafts and scrapbooking stores.


The best option for footwear is to go for some red trainers. Ideally, try to find red addidas trainers with white stripes, but red Converse-type trainers can also do the trick!

How to Make a Chucky Halloween Costume - Step 6

And now your DIY Chucky costume is ready, you only need to take a plastic knife or axe, which are sold in costume shops, and go out to celebrate Halloween with this fantastic Chucky costume that everyone will love.

And remember, if you have a toddler this costume is really appropriate and funny to celebrate Halloween because in theory Chucky was an adorable children's doll.

How to Make a Chucky Halloween Costume - Step 7

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How to Make a Chucky Halloween Costume
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How to Make a Chucky Halloween Costume

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