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How to Make a Purple Minion Costume

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make a Purple Minion Costume
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The Minion costume has become one of the most popular costumes for Halloween and Carnival. If you want a fresh idea that's a little different to the norm, how about trying the 'evil minion'? If you like this idea and want to find out how to make a Purple Minion costume, take a look at this OneHowTo article, which takes you through the process, step by step.

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Steps to follow:


The first place to start is the body of the purple minion. The easiest way of replicating their purple skin is to wear a long-sleeved T-shirt in this colour. A sweatshirt will also do the trick provided it doesn't have a hood. You'll understand why as you read on.

How to Make a Purple Minion Costume - Step 1

The evil minions wear black dungarees, shoes and gloves. A dark pair of dungarees would work perfectly for your purple minion costume. If you don't own a pair, some black trousers paired with a vest will work just as well. If you choose to go for the latter option, sew on a couple of buttons at the bottom of each strap so it looks like you're wearing dungarees. If you don't mind ripping the vest, you could cut a small hole in the sleeves on which you could fasten a button so it looks just like a pair of dungarees.

Note that the purple minions also have a pocket in the centre of their chest - do not forget to sew one on! When they turn evil, the minions wear the letter 'M' rather than 'G'. For this, you could draw the 'M' with a white marker on felt and stick it on with glue. Draw a circle around the letter. You should also find some plain white gloves to wear.

How to Make a Purple Minion Costume - Step 2

Now, it's time for shoes. If you don't have black shoes the easiest thing to do is to use black felt. Line some old shoes with it so that they look just like the shoes the purple minions wear. How? It's easy. First, take measurements of your shoe, both lengthways and widthways. To fasten the felt on your shoe, you don't need to sew it on: just place the felt over your shoe and mould to fit. When you have covered the whole shoe, grab any coloured pen and trace the shape of the shoe. When you've finished, you'll be left with a pattern in the shape of a U. Using scissors, cut along the edges. Now, using just a little bit of Velcro, join the two edges so that you can put the shoes on and take them off as you like. Simply cut a piece and sew one end onto the hook side and the other onto the loop side of the Velcro. Do the same for the other shoe and your costume is ready!

How to Make a Purple Minion Costume - Step 3

Now that you've prepared your costume, move on to the glasses. Purple minion glasses are more metallic than traditional minion glasses, so you'll need some tin foil. You can make them with cardboard, a plastic bottle or even a plastic cup. Whatever you decide to use, cut a circle 2-3 cm wide and wrap it with tin foil.

Use glue to fix the two circles together. If this costume is for a child, it's best that you use glue - the stronger it is secured, the better. Check that the glue is suitable for tin foil. Now, you need black elastic band to be able to wear these purple minion glasses. For accurate measurements, put one end of the band on your left temple, extending it to your right temple and cut it. Stick one end inside one of the circles (also with glue) and the other end to the other circle. Do this on the inner part of the circle so it isn't visible.

How to Make a Purple Minion Costume - Step 4
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Now for the minion makeup: you'll need purple and white face paints. Apply a moisturising base to skin first to prevent the paint from damaging your skin. Next, cover your entire face and neck with purple paint, using your hands or a brush. Notice how the minions' large bulging eyes are one of their most prominent features. To copy these, paint a white circle around your eyes, the same size as the glasses, and colour in with white paint.

How to Make a Purple Minion Costume - Step 5

Teeth are vital for completing a perfect minion costume. You can find novelty teeth in any fancy dress shop. Simply cut the teeth to size and place them over your bottom teeth.


All that's left now is the hair. If you're a girl, you have it easy: all you need to is to backcomb all your hair and, using hairspray, style it so it sticks up in all directions, but keep it fairly loose and relaxed. Then, with purple-coloured hairspray designed especially for fancy dress because it washes out, spray your entire hair. If you're a boy, you have two options: buy a wig and follow the same process as above (backcomb and dye) or make your own. If you prefer to do it yourself, you could use some fiber-cloth. As it is usually white, you need to dye it purple and spread out the fibers. Finally, attach it to your hair with hairpins to achieve the unkempt purple minion look. Your purple minion costume is now ready to show off to your friends!

How to Make a Purple Minion Costume - Step 7

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Image: laughingoutloudly-lol.blogspot.com
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How to Make a Purple Minion Costume