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How To Make A Loofah Costume

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make A Loofah Costume
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Carnival is just around the corner, and many people prefer to make their own costumes instead of buying them, may it be to save up or to be more original.

It may seem a bit strange, but one of the most searched for costumes on the Internet is the Loofah costume. It may be because it's an easy to make and affordable costume, as you only need nylon netting, a rope and a dress. If you want to look like this curious shower sponge or are simply curious about how to make it for Carnival or Halloween, OneHowto would like to show you how to make a loofah costume step-by-step.

You'll need:

  • Strapless short dress
  • Needle & string
  • White rope
  • Colored Nylon Netting (18 meters / 59 ft)
  • Elastic bands
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Steps to follow:


The first thing you need to do to make your own loofah costume is to choose and purchase about 8 sq ft of Nylon netting in your favorite color. You'll be able to find them in garden centers or specialized fabric shops. Then, cut the Nylon Netting into 8 pieces. It doesn't matter if they're not exactly the same, but try to cut them at a length of approximately 7ft 6 in or 2.3 meters.

How To Make A Loofah Costume - Step 1

Fold the fabric so it has half the width and then three times lengthwise. You don't to do this perfectly. Repeat the process with each of the 8 pieces of netting.


Tie the elastic around the middle of each piece of folded fabric to form a bow-shape. Make sure the elastic is tight around the netting. Repeat with all 8 pieces.


Sew each of the 8 pieces to the dress. Sew 4 around the chest part and 4 more around the bottom part of the dress, making sure the whole diameter of the dress is covered.

If you don't want to sew the netting directly to the dress, you can tie 4 bundles of netting to long elastic that will fit your chest and another 4 to a second elastic that will fit your waist.

Ideally, the dress should be a similar color to your chosen fabric.


Put the dress on and fan out each piece of netting. Then, tie the white rope to the top part of your loofah in a loop shape. Spray some hair spray if you want the fanned effect to last longer. Your homemade loofah costume is now ready!


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  • Make sure the strapless dress is the same color as the netting!
  • If you need to travel by car for long, it's best to slip into your loofah costume once your out of the car so the costume doesn't crease or lose shape.
  • It's better to use nylon netting rather than tulle, as this second fabric may show gaps.
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How To Make A Loofah Costume