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How to Make a Wonder Woman Costume for a Little Girl

Anaëlle Laurent
By Anaëlle Laurent. September 16, 2020
How to Make a Wonder Woman Costume for a Little Girl

Wonder women is a strong female superhero and a role model for many. This is what makes her such a popular option when it comes to choosing the perfect costume for Halloween. What better way to celebrate with your child than to help them make their own DIY Wonder Women halloween costume?

In this oneHOWTO article we're going to show you how to make a Wonder Woman costume for a little girl. This DIY halloween costume is super easy and fun to do. Continue reading to get started!

You'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Gold and white masking tape
  • Kitchen paper rolls
  • A sturdy cardboard
  • Red shirt
  • Blue skirt or pants
  • A piece of red cloth
  • A gold-colored belt or vinyl
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  1. Wonder Woman costume for halloween
  2. How to make the Wonder Woman t-shirt
  3. How to make the Wonder Woman skirt
  4. How to make the Wonder Woman belt
  5. Choosing the correct footwear
  6. How to make Wonder Woman's crown and bangles
  7. Last details to the costume

Wonder Woman costume for halloween

Wonder Women is a popular choice for many girls when having to choose a costume for Halloween. This is because Wonder Woman is a beloved female superhero. Although her costume is very specific, there are many different varieties one could make.

When making your own DIY Wonder Woman halloween costume, make sure you take all the necessary precautions to know that the garment will fit your child and be comfortable for them to wear. This is why it's such a great idea to make the costume with them. By having them participate, they will feel more involved in the project and will be able to tell you what they like and don't like.

How to make the Wonder Woman t-shirt

To make an inexpensive and beautiful wonder woman costume, we'll start with the t-shirt. Of course, if your child already has a Wonder Woman t-shirt, it will not be necessary to make a new one.

Follow these easy steps to make your own DIY Wonder Woman t-shirt for kids:

  1. First, get a red shirt. It can be a tank top, long sleeved or short sleeved. The closest to the real costume would be a tank top. However, if it's cold, you may want to opt for a long sleeved shirt.
  2. Once you have the shirt ready, it will be time to make the Wonder Woman emblem in the centre.
  3. For this, you can either print it onto the shirt or simply create a stencil and paint it onto the shirt with yellow paint for clothes.
  4. We leave a template below for you to print and copy onto the shirt you have chosen.
  5. If you're good at sewing, you can recycle yellow fabric and sew the Wonder Woman logo onto the shirt.
How to Make a Wonder Woman Costume for a Little Girl - How to make the Wonder Woman t-shirt

How to make the Wonder Woman skirt

To make the bottom part of the costume, we recommend getting an elastic blue skirt as it will be the most comfortable for your child to move around in. However, some girls will prefer short or long pants which is perfectly fine. The most important thing is that our child feels happy and comfortable in their halloween costume.

Once you have chosen what type of blue bottom garment your child would like for this costume, you will need to paste or sew yellow stars onto the garment. You can do this with:

  • Felt: this way you can superglue them onto the garment.
  • Stickers: although these may fall out, it's a great easy and cheap way of adding yellow stars to their skirt of pants.
  • Fabric: lastly, you can sew yellow stars with any yellow fabric you have. This is the most difficult but also the most safe and lasting.

If your daughter doesn't like the stars or it's a last-minute costume and you couldn't get any yellow stars, don't worry about it. Their skirt or pants can simply be blue without any stars. The costume will still be recognisable.

We include photos so you and your daughter can feel inspired when doing this project! As you can see, there are many ways of making this costume, making it a great last-minute choice for halloween.

How to Make a Wonder Woman Costume for a Little Girl - How to make the Wonder Woman skirt

How to make the Wonder Woman belt

We know that finding a gold belt that fits your girl's measurements can be complicated, so we recommend you make the belt with a piece of gold or yellow fabric and sew it to the top of the skirt or pants. This is an easy and quick alternative if she doesn't have a gold belt.

Choosing the correct footwear

The identical footwear of Wonder Woman are knee-high red and gold boots. This can be done with high red socks or leg warmers. To give it that extra detail, you can add a golden strip of fabric going down the red socks or leg warmers.

If your daughter does have red knee-high boots, consider adding a strip of yellow sticker or tape. If it's not possible to do, don't worry about it. Red socks, leg warmers or shoes will work just as well!

If it is summer, it is best to choose gold or red sandals so your daughter is most comfortable. Although they are not exactly Wonder Woman's shoes, they are an effective summer option that will allow your child to feel comfortable all day.

If it's winter and you don't want your girl to be cold, get her some red tights and shoes of the same color. Here we show you some options:

How to Make a Wonder Woman Costume for a Little Girl - Choosing the correct footwear

How to make Wonder Woman's crown and bangles

Lastly, to make a Wonder Woman's costume for girls, we'll need to make a crown and bangles. These are very simple to do with materials you most likely already have at home.

For the bangles you can do it in two different ways:

  • You can cut a piece of gold fabric and sew it depending on your daughter's measurements.
  • Another easier option is to take a cardboard roll (of kitchen paper, for example) and cut in half. Paint the cardboard with gold spray and adjust it to the girl's wrists. You can also take a gold card or thick paper (or paint one with gold spray) and glue it so that it is in the shape of a tube.

To make the crown follow these steps:

  1. Select a gold paper or a thick white paper and spray paint it with gold paint.
  2. Take the measurements of the girl's forehead so that the crown fits well and does not fall off.
  3. After taking the measurements, cut out the cardboard in the shape of the crown. Note that it is not a straight shape, but has a peak in the upper centre. You will see it clearer in the image below.
  4. Finally, with tempera or any other resistant paint you will have to paint a red star in the centre of the crown.

If you've done all of this you will have your Wonder Woman costume ready to wear! If you want to go trick-or-treating with your daughter in matching outfits, we encourage you to also read our article on how to make a Wonder Woman costume for adults.

How to Make a Wonder Woman Costume for a Little Girl - How to make Wonder Woman's crown and bangles

Last details to the costume

This section is completely optional, so if you don't want to further complicate the costume, we recommend leaving it as is. However, if you want to finish perfecting the Wonder Woman costume, we recommend creating a shield and sword from cardboard.

It is very simple, you just have to cut the cardboard to the right size for the girl and add any details with paint. Once finished, you can finish cutting well the silhouette of the sword and shield, which is usually gold and usually contains the "W" painted in the centre. Finally, if your child agrees, you can add a red cape to the Wonder Woman costume ... it will give it a very special touch!

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How to Make a Wonder Woman Costume for a Little Girl