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How To Make Rakhi From Waste Material

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How To Make Rakhi From Waste Material

Rakhi is the symbol of emotions attached with the festival. The emotions include those of affection, love and care between brother and sister. These sentiments matter the most on this day, and nothing can be a better expression of your sisterly love than a hand-made rakhi. When you make a rakhi for your brother with your own hands, you will thoroughly enjoy the process of creativity, instead of buying ready-made ones from the market. has already shared Ideas for rakhi thali decoration, but here, we are going to tell you how to make rakhi from waste material.

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Multi-colored rakhi

Take some multi-colored threads, including a couple of golden color strands too. Yellow and red are auspicious colors for the purpose. Tie the threads together to make the string of the rakhi, and decorate its upper part with beads, sequins or any religious signs or motifs you may have at home.


Kalava rakhi

Take a long kalava thread, and fold it from the middle. Take a religious symbol like Om or a rudraksh in the middle, and decorate rest of the rakhi with tiny shells, beads or sequins. You may either stitch them on the braided kalava, or stick on it.


Sponge rakhi

Take multi-colored threads and braid to make the string. You can take a waste sponge in suitable color, cut it into a round, heart or star shape, and decorate with sequins and beads. You may entwine some golden threads to give it a decorative effect.


Sandalwood beads rakhi

Take a red thread and plait to make the string. Cut a glossy plastic gift paper in your desired shape, and stick on the middle of the string, Take some sandalwood beads or tulsi beads to decorate the upper part of the rakhi. If they come out again and again after sticking, you may even stitch them on the rakhi.


Rakhi with an old locket

Knot 5-6 silver or golden threads to make the string. Put silver or gold beads in the string, and tie an old locket in the middle. Tie both ends together, so that the beads do not come out.


Photo rakhi

Take a ribbon of your desired color, and stick a small photo of the brother and sister in the middle. You can frame it in a round shape plastic ring, and decorate it with stars, sequins and beads. Choose a photo that shows how the brother and the sister are in love with each other.


With these ideas to make a rakhi from waste material, you can feel the pleasure of making something with your own hands, and show how much you care for your beloved brother. Here are more ideas: on making crafts from waste material, how to make rangoli on water with powder.

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How To Make Rakhi From Waste Material
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How To Make Rakhi From Waste Material