How to Make Ghost Halloween Decorations

By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Make Ghost Halloween Decorations

One of the most common choices for a Halloween costume is dressing up as a ghost and claiming you are a spirit that has come back from the dead. There also isn’t a better time than the 31st of October to gather around and share ghostly, spooky stories. Ghost decorations can make any house or any space look creepy and eerie. There is no doubt that diving into the Halloween spirit is as simple as getting your tools out and making some ghost decorations.

In this oneHOWTO article we share several ideas on how to make ghost Halloween decorations.

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Floating ghosts

Ghosts tend to scare out people because they appear as floating images that move rapidly leaving no trace behind. One way to replicate this haunting feature is by making floating ghosts at home.

For an easy DIY you will need:

  • White balloons
  • White thread (fine and thick)
  • White cloths, bed sheets or white fabric
  • Black marker
  • Scissors and glue
  • White face masks (optional)

First, you must blow out the balloons as these will be used as the head. Then, with the securing knot on top, place the white cloth, bed sheet or white fabric on top of it covering it entirely. Make a small incision on the cloth so that the securing knot is visible.

Right at the bottom of the balloon, wrap the thick thread around and firm it tightly. You may also opt to omit this step and just let the piece of fabric flow down the body.

Now, you can use the black marker to paint some dark circles on the ghost’s face. You can decide to paint them on the cloth or on the face mask.

The final step is to use the thin white thread to tie the ghost decoration to the ceiling or to an elevated surface so that you can get the full on floating effect.

How to Make Ghost Halloween Decorations - Floating ghosts

Garden bush ghost

In order to make garden bush ghosts we are going to be using many of the same materials that were used to make the floating ghosts. If you have a front lawn you may want to add some decorative elements that will no doubt make children revel in excitement during “trick or treat”.

You will only be needing the white fabric and black marker for this DIY. The key is to find a plant or bush that is fairly thin and has branched out. You may want to place a balloon as the head but the fabric falling down the branches will substantially help to mimic the appearance of a ghost. Just make sure you have painted a face on the fabric.

For more outdoor decor ideas take a look at our article on how to decorate your yard for Halloween.

How to Make Ghost Halloween Decorations - Garden bush ghost

Ghost table decorations

You may be planning to host a Halloween dinner and thus you may be interested in learning how to make this easy pumpkin center piece that looks like a ghost to surprise your guests.

You will need:

  • A small to medium sized pumpkin
  • White and black paint
  • Carving tools and paintbrushes
  • A candle

We all know that carving pumpkins is a favorite Halloween activity. For this decoration you can decide to carve the pumpkin or just use paint. We recommend that you do both.

Once you have your pumpkin, carve the inside but instead of carving a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth, just carve the mouth. Then use white paint to turn the pumpkin fully white and use black paint to make two dark circles for the eyes.

The last step is to place a lighted candle inside the pumpkin. Since you carved a mouth the light will shine through making your ghost a truly haunting dinner guest.

How to Make Ghost Halloween Decorations - Ghost table decorations

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How to Make Ghost Halloween Decorations
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How to Make Ghost Halloween Decorations

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