How to Put in Halloween Contact Lenses

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 4, 2019
How to Put in Halloween Contact Lenses

Over the past few years, Halloween contact lenses have become an extremely popular accessory. Once you are dressed up with that perfect Halloween costume, you may choose to complete your look with those scary looking contact lenses. Whether you are dressing up like a blood drenched vampire or an over-size lizard, Halloween contact lenses can actually add an eye-popping, spooky touch to your overall look. But few people are aware of the risks involved with using these contacts as well. In fact, selling colored lenses without prescription is illegal in the US. This oneHWOTO article will tell you how to put in Halloween contact lenses and stay safe.

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Putting in the Halloween contact lenses

Hygiene and safety are keys to putting in any contact lenses, including the colored ones for Halloween. First of all, wash your hands and dry them even before you touch the lenses. Thoroughly scrub your hands with soap under water and let them dry. If you are using a towel, make sure that it is lint free. If you touch your lenses with wet fingers, the lenses may stick to them and putting them in may become difficult.

  1. Start with your right eye. Place right lens on top of your right index finger, pull up your right upper eyelid with left hand, and pull down the lower eyelid with your right hand’s middle finger. This will open up your eye and will not allow you to blink. Now place the lens carefully over the eye center and leave. Now, release the eyelids and blink a couple of times to ensure that they go to their right place.
  2. Repeat the process with your left eye too.

Safety tips

Here are a few safety tips that you need to follow while using Halloween contact lenses:

  • Make sure that you put in your Halloween contact lenses before applying make up. If you put them after makeup, the lenses may come in contact with any cosmetics, and you may increase the risk of dirt and bacteria entering the eyes.
  • Putting in Halloween contact lenses will definitely give an impressive effect to your overall costume. But your friends may want to try your lenses in the next festive season too, and this is not at all acceptable. Lenses are not meant to be shared with others. Bacteria may travel easily from one eye to the other, and if you share your lenses, your or your friend’s eyes may get irritated or infected.
  • Once the Halloween is over, you may want to keep the contact lenses and use them the next Halloween. But know that contact lenses come with an expiration date, and you cannot use them after that. If you are buying Halloween contact lenses, chances are that they are for one-time use only. Even if not, you can’t keep them for an entire one year and use them after that. It is recommended not to use one pair of lenses over and over again, and instead buy new ones.

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  • Make sure you get the right size, some decorative contact lenses can harm the cornea.

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How to Put in Halloween Contact Lenses
How to Put in Halloween Contact Lenses

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