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How to Make a Elf Costume on a Budget

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make a Elf Costume on a Budget

There are more occasions to dress up as an elf than you might think - Halloween, Christmas, a play, a children's party, just because... If you love fantasy stories and whimsical things, an elf is the perfect choice for your costume.

You can easily transform yourself into this fantastic creature that inhabits the forests by making an elf costume on a budget. The bells and funny ears make this costume great fun. Here at OneHowTo we'll teach you the steps necessary to know how to make a Christmas elf costume and enter the world of magic, fantasy and dreams. Do you want to join us?

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  1. What clothes do you need?
  2. How to make an elf hat
  3. Pointy shoes
  4. Accessories for your elf costume

What clothes do you need?

The first thing you need to take into account if you want to dress up as an elf is that the main colors of the costume are green, black, red and white. With a combination of these four colors you will make an elf costume that is realistic and fun.

To make your own elf costume, you will need:

  • Tight black or white trousers - or leggings if you prefer.
  • Shirt or long-sleeved blouse, preferably in green.

One of the key elements when you make your elf costume is the choice of socks. Christmas elves use high striped socks that combine white with another color in the scheme, be it red, green or black. We recommend wearing red and white socks, since that combination looks like a candy cane and is more fun and cheerful. However, if you wear athletic socks you're more likely to find green stripes.

To give a fun touch to your elf costume you can wear a vest over the shirt. The vest should be in a different color or have a plaid or diamond pattern to contrast with the uniformity of the outfit and give it a more festive look. The more old man-ish it looks, the better; ask your older relatives or neighbors. If you can't find that kind of patterned vest, you can also wear a knitted sweater or jumper with a Fair Isle pattern, as long as it is in the right colors.

How to Make a Elf Costume on a Budget - What clothes do you need?

How to make an elf hat

The hat is a very important element in this costume. There are different possibilities to choose from in order to buy it or make it yourself:

  • You can make an elf hat with a feather. Simply attach a long feather to any hat or slouching beanie hat that you already own. This style mimics the character created by James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan.
  • If you want to emulate a Christmas elf it is best to use the typical Santa Claus hat in red and white.
  • If you prefer you can make a DIY elf hat:
  1. Draw the shape on thin paper - don't forget the curling tip.
  2. Carefully cut two pieces of green felt following that template.
  3. Sew the two pieces together into a conical or bell shape with darker thread; it's better to do it with a sewing machine for sturdier results.
  4. Decorate the hem with red or white felt. Use the same method: Draw the pattern (a zig-zag line will do) on paper, cut the felt pieces and sew them.
  5. It's a good idea to add a green pompom at the tip of the hat. Perfect!
  6. Here you can find more specific instructions to make an elf hat if you have any doubts.
How to Make a Elf Costume on a Budget - How to make an elf hat

Pointy shoes

To hit the mark with your elf costume you must not forget one important detail: Pointy shoes. This is an essential feature of this costume - and it is very easy to prepare. The color of elves' shoes are usually red, black or green - almost never white.

You just need a felt cloth to make a mold of a traditional shoe. Sew the fabric so that it looks like a slipper and cover your regular shoes. There - you look like a real elf.

If you don't have the time to make the felt pointy shoes you can simply wear black boots.

Accessories for your elf costume

To learn how to dress up like an elf in a more realistic way - while still on a budget - it is important to add some accessories. Note these different ideas that give a touch of fun to your costume:

  • The elf costume will usually require an accessory around the waist. This can be a string or a wide black belt with a buckle.
  • Add a touch of fantasy by wearing some sleigh bells around your ankles so that every time you walk you make a magical sound. However, avoid the library.
  • Another feature of an elf costume are pointy ears. To get them, you just have to draw out an elf ear onto a piece of cardboard, cut it out and tape it to your ears. If you prefer, you can also glue them to string or to a headband.

This is how to make an elf costume on a budget! If you have any tips or ideas, please tell us in the comments section.

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How to Make a Elf Costume on a Budget