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How to Dress Like a Flamenco Dancer

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Dress Like a Flamenco Dancer

Fast gypsy rhythms, the Spanish guitar and the quick steps are typical elements of flamenco. If this year you fancy dressing up in a flamenco style and you want to give your style an Andalusian touch, on OneHowTo we give some tips on how to dress like a flamenco dancer. Bring the essence of southern Spain into your life. Slip into your polka dot dress and become a true flamenco dancer. Olé!

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  1. The flamenco dress
  2. A flamenco hairstyle
  3. Flamenco shoes
  4. Accessories for a flamenco costume

The flamenco dress

If you want to know how to dress like a flamenco dancer, the most important part of the costume is, of course, the dress. With regards to the flamenco costume, it is usually essential to make it unique and incomparable.

You should make a slinky dress with a top that is tight to the body to show off your feminine figure. Alternatively, instead of using a full-dress, wear a ruffled skirt with a narrow tee, top or body-tight top.

The essential colors of a flamenco costume are usually red, black and white. The most elegant suits are made up of red skirts and black tops; a very characteristic feature of these clothes are white polka dots, something typically flamenco.

The skirt should be a full skirt and, if possible, a frilly one. This is to achieve a beautiful shape during the flamenco dance, the dancers usually play with the movement of the skirt to make elegant movements and fascinating shapes. If you want, you can also get a skirt with a tail. This is widely used for flamenco outfits.

The shawl is a very distinctive element to achieve greater elegance with your flamenco costume. It is usually white and placed on the shoulders.

How to Dress Like a Flamenco Dancer - The flamenco dress

A flamenco hairstyle

There are different ways to get to a hairstyle that is perfect for flamenco. However, there are several key hairstyles that are characteristic for this outfit. If you want to know how to dress like a flamenco dancer which is credible, notes the different hairstyles that are common:

  • Classic chignon
  • Braided chignon
  • Bun
  • Set your hair with some wavy tips
How to Dress Like a Flamenco Dancer - A flamenco hairstyle

Flamenco shoes

If you want to know how to make a flamenco costume that is authentic, then the shoes are a must to emulate the Andalusian style and flair. They are specific shoes with a thick, low heel and which have a small belt buckle to close them with.

As with the rest of the flamenco costume, the predominant colors of the accompanying shoes are usually red or black and they can be adorned with white polka dots that give them a more festive touch.

How to Dress Like a Flamenco Dancer - Flamenco shoes

Accessories for a flamenco costume

Accessories are very important to achieve a genuine flamenco costume. Firstly, it is essential to decorate your hair with a huge flower of a vivid color, especially a deep red. This flower must be placed in your hair or behind your ear or just centrally above the head. The hairstyle can also be adorned with a traditional Andalusian comb.

Another very typical accessory for flamenco dresses is the fan. Women often fan themselves or play with this accessory while doing their dance. Castanets are also an essential element of the flamenco costume. If you want to give a more festive touch, you can try on some large earrings and necklaces.

How to Dress Like a Flamenco Dancer - Accessories for a flamenco costume

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How to Dress Like a Flamenco Dancer