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How to Make an Indian Fancy Dress Costume

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make an Indian Fancy Dress Costume
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That fancy dress party you really want to attend is just around the corner and an Indian fancy dress costume is the perfect costume for the night. Perhaps you want to go to a carnival or need a wicked outfit for Halloween. What are you going to wear? How about an Indian costume? It's cheap and can be made at home without having to buy almost anything. So. keep reading this OneHowTo article on how to make Indian fancy dress costume at home.

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Steps to follow:


You need a T-shirt that you no longer use. Choose a large, wide t-shirt that will serve as a poncho. If possible, make it brown as it is more similar to the original Indian style clothes. The fabric is not important, but it must be brown because it looks more realistic.

How to Make an Indian Fancy Dress Costume - Step 1
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Shred sleeves and bottom of the shirt to create fringes. Do not cut very fine fringes as it may go wrong. Make them quite thick.


The Indian poncho-shirt will need decoration. Decoration is a must for Indian fancy dress costumes. If we leave it as it, it will look like a T-shirt that you have cut. Cut the sleeves and the collar and buy some colorful strips and beads to place and sew onto the neck and waist.


An Indian costume would be incomplete without a headdress. Therefore it is also important to know what type of headdress will be most suitable. Get cardboard, tape and, if you want to give it a more realistic touch, real feathers. Here is how you can make the headdress for your Indian fancy dress costume.

How to Make an Indian Fancy Dress Costume - Step 4
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To make the headdress, cut the cardboard. Cut so that it measures half the diameter of the head. Make feathers with colourful crepe paper and glue to the strip you've attached previously. Make sure that it fits your head. Try to make the feathers as rigid as possible so they do not fall and... voila! You have a beautiful Indian style headdress.


As for hairstyles for Indian costume, either leave your hair down or plait some pigtails. You could alternatively buy a traditional-looking Indian wig in a fancy dress shop if your hair is short. With regards to make-up, simply paint three stripes on each side of the face. You're all set!

Isn't it easier than you thought to make an Indian fancy dress costume at home?

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How to Make an Indian Fancy Dress Costume