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How To Dress Up 20's Style

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Dress Up 20's Style

The roaring 20's were so happy! This second decade of the 1900's was a long remembered time of splendour. It was also the time of the Charleston, a dance that most represented the era, and the time of organised crime gangs with gangsters. Today, it's still common to dress up as characters of this era, whether for Carnival, Halloween or any other fancy dress party. If you also want to know how to dress up 20's style, read this OneHowTo article.

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  1. 20's costume: women
  2. 20's costume: Hair and makeup
  3. 20's costume: women's accessories
  4. 20's costume: men
  5. 20's costume: masculine accessories

20's costume: women

A 20's style classic dress with fringes, worn at the time of the Charleston, is an all-important clothing item for ladies. The color is not important, so you can choose one you like or can find. You can also opt for a fringed skirt or, if you don't own any of these items, you can always resort to a short, straight-cut black or red dress.

If you want to be less provocative, you should know that only the most rebellious young women wore skirts over the knee, so you can also choose a dress with a straight cut that's ankle length with a faux-fur coat for a more classy "Great Gatsby" look".

In either case, we recommend wearing black fishnet stockings to make the outfit more realistic, ideally with black court shoes or similar.

How To Dress Up 20's Style - 20's costume: women

20's costume: Hair and makeup

As for 20's style hair and makeup, opting for a short bob, straight wig or hairstyle in any color is the most classic style. Add a classic head band with a feather or scarf wrapped around your head for a perfect hairdo.

Following with the make-up, make sure your skin is as white as possible, highlight your cheeks with some blush and don't forget to apply some red lipstick and black eyeliner on your eyelids.

How To Dress Up 20's Style - 20's costume: Hair and makeup

20's costume: women's accessories

Accessories play an important role in 20's female costumes, so you'll need:

  • A feather boa
  • Long pearl necklace, bracelets and earrings
  • Elbow-length gloves
  • Long cigarette filter and cigarette
  • Hair accessories with feathers
  • ...
How To Dress Up 20's Style - 20's costume: women's accessories

20's costume: men

20's style costumes for men involve playing the role of gangsters from this era such as Al Capone, who were criminal members of organised gangs. Their characteristic clothing features a vertical striped suit, so you'll need one of them. Look in your parents' and grandparents' wardrobes as you'll probably find one that they wore at weddings and other formal events. If you can't find a striped suit, look for a smooth, dark-colored suit.

No matter what color the suit is, whether light or dark, you also need to wear a shirt and tie, that are either the same or contrasting colors. As for footwear, the easiest option is to wear classic black shoes.

How To Dress Up 20's Style - 20's costume: men

20's costume: masculine accessories

To complement a 20's gangster costume you'll need:

  • Hat
  • Braces
  • Fake moustache

You can also opt for other accessories such as:

  • Gun
  • Cigar

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How To Dress Up 20's Style