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Why Are Indian Wedding Dresses Red

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: May 17, 2017
Why Are Indian Wedding Dresses Red

In India, the color red is associated with almost any auspicious occasion. As a wedding is one of the most auspicious moments, red makes its appearance here too. This vibrant color is the constant companion of Indian (or Hindu) brides. It symbolizes life - the beginning of a new life. Wedding brings a significant change in a traditional Indian woman’s life. She leaves her parents’ house and starts a new family with her in-laws. So, it is natural to be attracted towards red.

These lavish weddings are also renowned for their bright and vibrant colors, and which color is livelier than red? Here at oneHOWTO we are going to answer: why are Indian wedding dresses red?

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  1. Symbolism of red
  2. The appeal of red for Hindu weddings
  3. Types of wedding dresses
  4. Accessories in red

Symbolism of red

Colors hold great importance in Indian or Hindu culture. Each shade and hue symbolizes an aspect of life. Red is commonly related to passion and love and also associated to the rising sun in Indian context. Apart from that, the planet Mars is in charge of marriages as per astrology, and it is red as well. Keeping that in mind, these brides wear red during the wedding customs.

This color stands for fertility and prosperity, which has much significance in the Indian subcontinent. That being said, an Indian bride looks stunning in red, and that is why these wedding dresses are made in this color to invoke passion.

Why Are Indian Wedding Dresses Red - Symbolism of red

The appeal of red for Hindu weddings

Indian wedding celebrations continue for several days, including the proceedings of Mehndi, Tilak, Sangeet, Baraat, and many more. You can learn more about them in our article on Interesting Traditions of Indian Weddings. Red is present in all these ceremonies in one form or the other. A wedding is the time when the bride and the groom come together as a couple. As red is considered a sacred color in India's culture, red bridal attire marks the occasion with a touch of holiness. It also symbolizes strength and vigor, so some grooms like to dress in it too.

Why Are Indian Wedding Dresses Red - The appeal of red for Hindu weddings

Types of wedding dresses

Indian brides most commonly wear a sari (or saree), ghagra choli or lehenga choli. Wearing a red wedding dress highlights the complexion of Indian brides, and enhances their charm and beauty. Hindu women who want to look their best on their wedding day have red as their first choice to wear. A red ghagra choli introduces new levels of elegance, dignity and freedom in a modern bride of India. A red sari denotes tradition, and makes an the bride look ethereal as well as beautiful.

Why Are Indian Wedding Dresses Red - Types of wedding dresses

Accessories in red

In Indian weddings, red is not limited to the wedding dress only. This color is largely incorporated in the bride’s jewelry and accessories as well. When you wear a red wedding dress, you gain several choices for jewelry as well. The same is applicable to sandals and clutches too. Even coconuts carried by Telegu brides are sometimes decorated in this color. Visit the bridal section of any Hindu wedding boutique or shop, and you will get the proof the time-tested appeal of the color. You will see that it is given top priority when you talk about Indian bridal wear.

Traditionally, Punjabi brides can wear a chooda, a set of bangles that are usually red and white. However, in recent times even brides from other religions are choosing to wear this stunning piece of jewelry.

Why Are Indian Wedding Dresses Red - Accessories in red

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Why Are Indian Wedding Dresses Red