The Best Modern Indian Wedding Invitation Designs

By Nidhi Nangia. May 9, 2017
The Best Modern Indian Wedding Invitation Designs

A wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and you want it to be as special and unique as your relationship. If you are planning an Indian wedding, it needs to incorporate a whole lot of colors, decorations, pomp and show. As far as Indian wedding invitations are concerned, they speak a lot about your wedding arrangements and preparations. Traditional invitations were made of thick paper cards with the names of the bride and groom, their families, the venue and date, and a short line to invite the guests. But times have changed and Indian wedding invitations have gone through significant modifications in their designs. Here at oneHOWTO, you will get ideas for some of the best modern Indian wedding invitation designs.

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Wedding invitation on the box lid

Indians have a tradition to send a box of sweets along with a wedding invitation card. Modern wedding invitations are a combined mix of an invitation card as well as a sweet box. The invitation details can be printed on the inner side of the sweet box’s lid. If there is more than one function, separate leaflets can be attached with the lid. This modern Indian wedding invitation design idea saves paper and money that you would have spent on getting a separate card and its envelope imprinted.

The Best Modern Indian Wedding Invitation Designs - Wedding invitation on the box lid

Wedding invitation card with photo

Traditional Indian wedding invitation cards did not contain any photographs. At the most, they consisted of the caricatures of the bride and groom putting garlands or holding hands of each other. But today, special photo shoots of the bride and the groom spending some quality time together are conducted. Best photographs from these photo shoots are inserted in the wedding invitation cards. Such photo cards look fantastic, and give a personalized feel to the invitation.

The Best Modern Indian Wedding Invitation Designs - Wedding invitation card with photo

Colorful wedding invitation cards

Traditionally, red, cream, yellow and pink are considered to be auspicious colors in India, although red is usually saved for the bride. But today, people have started experimenting with colors. Black is an evil color in India, but some people have even started using this color in this wedding invitation cards. Combination of black and gold look stunning on wedding invitations. Fluorescent colors like hot lemon and hot orange are also being used lately. A single wedding invitation card can contain an assortment of different colors. If your card has leaflets for different occasions, you can color each leaflet in a unique tone.

The Best Modern Indian Wedding Invitation Designs - Colorful wedding invitation cards

Boarding pass invitations

If you are going to arrange a destination wedding and you want your guests to reach the place directly, then you can design your wedding invitations in the form of a boarding pass, especially if you're creating a Bollywood film theme such as 2 States. The details may include the bride and the groom’s name, travel date, boarding time, destination venue, etc. Boarding pass designs have enough space to include all details of your wedding invitation. The recipient of your invitation will come to know in the first instant that it is going to be a destination wedding.

The Best Modern Indian Wedding Invitation Designs - Boarding pass invitations

Wedding invitation box with a lock and a key

If your wedding invitation is being printed in the form of a box, you can put the invitation leaflets inside, and secure the box with a lock and a key. This kind of invitation is attractive and stylish, and the recipients can use that box for further use too. As long as they use this box, they will be reminded of the good time they spent in your wedding. So, this will be a mix of an invitation and a useful item. Make sure that the box is of good quality, and is attractive enough to be used for a few years.

Wedding invitations with embellishments

You can include a variety of embellishments in your Indian wedding invitations, including pearls, crystals, strings, ribbons etc. As Lord Ganesha is believed to be the God of success and the destroyer of obstacles in Indian tradition, including a small idol of this God in the invitation seems to be a nice idea. If your embellishments are too expensive, make sure to hand over the invitation by personally visiting the recipient’s place.

The Best Modern Indian Wedding Invitation Designs - Wedding invitations with embellishments

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The Best Modern Indian Wedding Invitation Designs
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The Best Modern Indian Wedding Invitation Designs

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