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Best Indian Male Wedding Attires

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. March 22, 2017
Best Indian Male Wedding Attires

Indian weddings are all about colors, decorations, food and clothes. When we talk about dressing up for an Indian wedding, what most people think is that we are concerned about ladies. But here at oneHOWTO, we are going to talk about best Indian male wedding attires. There are whole lots of options to choose from so you know what to wear as a male guest. Whether it’s your wedding or your brother’s, son’s, cousin’s, or a distant relative’s, we will tell you what to wear to look right for the occasion.

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  1. Sherwani
  2. Jodhpuri suit
  3. Salwar kurta
  4. Pathani suit
  5. Dhoti kurta
  6. Tuxedo


Sherwanis are perhaps the most traditional and most common outfits men can wear at an Indian wedding. In reality, it is an extremely blown up version of a western influenced suit. It resembles a long coat carrying a royal impression along with a touch of modernity.

Choose the right sherwani

Fabrics like banarasi and brocade are used to make these attires. There is a whole lot of patterns and designs to choose from. You can never go wrong with a sherwani, but we advise you to choose light colors like beige, cream, golden and ivory as they are in great demand. Expensive sherwanis can even be designed with precious stones and jewels so, if you can afford it, make sure you look like a million bucks.

What to wear with it

Wear it with tight fitting trousers or pants known as pyjamas or churidars. Match it with a royal headgear or sehra, and a pair of traditional looking jootis. A dupatta can also be taken to match with the embroidery or the work of the sherwani. Wearing gold jewelry or pearls will also go well with a sherwani.

Best Indian Male Wedding Attires - Sherwani

Jodhpuri suit

A jodhpuri suit also goes well at an Indian wedding occasion. It is a nice combination of a jacket with a Mandarin or Nehru collar.

Choose the right jodhpuri

If you are not very tall, we'd advise you to stay from long cut jodhipuri and choose ones that are hip length. If you are a big overweight or want to hide some extra pounds, we advise you to go for a monochrome jodhpuri with no patters and in a darker and more sober color such as grey or brown. If you go for a plain jodhpuri at a wedding, we advise you to search for one that has beautiful embellished buttons.

If you are skinny, we advise you to go for long and patterned jodhpuris.

What to wear it with

Pair it will jodhpuri trousers, that are tight fitting from the bottom and loose at the thigh area for a more traditional style, though you can also wear them with a more modern pair of trousers. When you wear this suit, you look like a prince and impart a royal ambiance. An embroidered coat, colorful pattern and royal looking trousers make it a perfect attire for an Indian wedding. You can enhance the look with traditional jootis with matching embroidery.

Tip: Remember to use a handkerchief in your pocket, not in the same color as your attire, but in a color that matches.

Best Indian Male Wedding Attires - Jodhpuri suit

Salwar kurta

This is a traditional Indian males attire that looks elegant and still feels comfortable. It is especially advisable to wear for Sangeet night if you're going as a guest.

Choose the right salwar kurta

Go for a cotton kurta with light embroidery. There are different ways of styling and patterning a kurta. A salwar kurta attire will enhance your personality and speak a lot about you and your preferences.Pair up your embroidered silk kurta with a contrasting salwar.

What to wear with it

There is an entire range of footwear options to choose from as well, as it goes well with almost all types of footwear, including shoes, jooties and sandals.

Best Indian Male Wedding Attires - Salwar kurta

Pathani suit

Pathani suits are back in fashion for men in India. Now, a lot of men are seen wearing different styles of pathani suits at Indian weddings. Pathani suits look best and make you the hero of the moment. A pathani coat will add too much of elegance and bling to your overall look.

Choose a pathani suit

You can go for bold designs with this type of attire. Choose a light color like gold or silver to match well with the appropriate occasion. Darker shades will definitely make you stand out of the crowd, like maroon, black and chocolate brown.

What to wear with it

As it is a whole suit, you won't have to think much about color coordination. Just make sure that the waistcoat is a much bolder color than the rest.

Best Indian Male Wedding Attires - Pathani suit

Dhoti kurta

Dhoti is the traditional attire of India, but its definition has changed significantly over the last years. Today, it looks not only traditional and classic, but also elegant and graceful and the perfect garment to wear at the wedding ceremony. There have been hundreds of innovations in this outfit genre, and you will find a plethora of styles and designs of choose from.

Choose your dhoti kurta

Our advice is to keep the embroidery on your dhoti kurta simple, as you don't want to overshadow the bride and groom. Choose light fabrics and colorful tones.

How to wear it

Pair your dhoti with a nice knee length kurta, and enhance your looks in an individual way of your own.

Best Indian Male Wedding Attires - Dhoti kurta


Modern and westernized males can go for a tuxedo which is a great combination of class and comfort. Make sure that you get your tuxedo tailor made to fit your shoulders. A nicely fit tuxedo will make you ooze with elegance and style, and look classic at the same time.

Choose your tuxedo

If you don't want to go for the classic black and white look, nowadays there are plenty of tuxedos in different bright colors you can choose from.

What to wear with it

Wearing jootis with a tuxedo will give you that mix and match look between modern and traditional, though you can also wear nicely polished shoes too. Go for a bow tie that combines with the top and bottom of the tuxedo. A white shirt is also compulsory for this look.

Best Indian Male Wedding Attires - Tuxedo

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  • It is not appropriate to wear black to an Indian wedding.
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Best Indian Male Wedding Attires