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How to Decorate Coconut for Indian Wedding

Priya Panwar
By Priya Panwar. Updated: April 25, 2017
How to Decorate Coconut for Indian Wedding

You can decorate coconuts for Indian wedding at home by just gluing stones, gods' idols and pictures on it, or writing the names of the bride and groom. There are, however, different ways to decorate coconuts for hindu marriage. They depend on the Indian region where the wedding is celebrated, and on personal taste.

At oneHOWTO we have discussed how to dress for Indian weddings and sangeet night. In this article we will suggest to you several ways on how to decorate coconut for Indian wedding.

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  1. Coconut decoration for Hindu marriage
  2. Shrifal decoration for wedding
  3. Nariyal decoration for wedding
  4. Decoration for Telegu wedding
  5. Other decoration ideas

Coconut decoration for Hindu marriage

Coconut plays a central role in many Hindu rites of different parts of India. Weddings are auspicious occasions, so coconuts are often present. They represent fertility in ancient Hindu rituals, so what better occasion than a wedding to have one? In some parts of India coconuts are placed on a pot. In others the bride gives it to the groom. In some regions, the bride carries the coconut while going towards the fireplace at the mandap. And, sometimes the coconut is part of the engagement party's offers. Some use dry coconut, others green. In Telegu weddings, the brides carries the Kobbari bondam (green decorated coconut) in her hands as a blessing.Coconut is not only used in Telegu weddings, but in other parts of India as well. It is used as part of the engagement ceremony, the offerings, or matli (a pre-wedding ceremony).The new trend is that the wedding nariyal, wedding kobbari bondam, or shifal, should not be plain or modestly decorated. It should be stunning and bold, like the rest of the wedding decorations. A good decoration idea is to adapt it to the dress or general theme. There are some stunning coconut decorations for weddings available for purchase, the problem is, they tend to be expensive. Since it is so easy to decorate your own for an engagement or wedding, there is no reason why you shouldn't! A decorated coconut is also a special gift you can give to your engaged friends. They will be grateful you took the time to make something so beautiful and authentic. We will now teach you some ways to create your own at home!

Shrifal decoration for wedding

Look at the shrifal decoration picture below the instructions and read carefully to make this shrifal decoration for Hindu wedding.What you need:

  • 1 dry coconut
  • a medium size paint brush and a small thin paint brush
  • scissors
  • golden chiffon or satin
  • one long chain made of red small pearls
  • one longer chain made of diamond-like stones


  • Clean the coconut.
  • Cover it in glue with the help of the medium sized brush.
  • Carefully cover it with the golden cloth very tightly. Cut the cloth when you finish and adjust so that it is tight.
  • With the thin brush, apply a line of glue around the coconut, starting from the bottom and all around the vertical side of it. You have to follow the line where the decorations will be applied (look at the decoration in the picture).
  • Glue the red pearls chain along the glue line and cut at the end.
  • Apply more glue with the thin brush on the sides of the red pearls chain.
  • Glue the 2 diamond chains on the sides of the red pearls chain, where the glue is.
  • Repeat the same process for the other decoration. Our suggestion is that the second decoration be made in 2 steps. So, when the chains reach the top of the coconut and encounters the previous decoration, you stop and cut the chain, then start again on the other side. This is so the 2 decorations do not overlap.

It's as simple as that! Now let's see 2 more ways to decorate a coconut for a wedding.picture: https://es.pinterest.com

How to Decorate Coconut for Indian Wedding - Shrifal decoration for wedding

Nariyal decoration for wedding

The nariyal decoration - in the picture below the following instructions - is another beautiful option. This would be perfect if the bride's dress is deep red with little diamonds and glitter.Here is how to make this nariyal decoration for wedding:What you need:

  • 1 coconut
  • Amedium size paint brush and a small thin paint brush
  • silver foil
  • Lots and lots of small stones in red and silver, plus a few bigger ones in orange or gold.
  • A small artificial flower with lace to tie it
  • Red lace
  • Your favorite God's little idol


  • Clean the coconut.
  • Cover it in silver foil and make a pointy kind of stick with silver foil at the top of the coconut.
  • Paint a lotus flower starting from the bottom of the coconut. If you are not good at drawing, cut one from a newspaper and follow its borders to paint your coconut.
  • Cover the coconut in glue with the help of the medium sized brush.
  • Carefully cover the glue covered silver foil on the coconut with the little diamonds leaving the lotus flower plain. Also leave a few other spots plain and glue the bigger orange stones there.
  • Glue the idol at the centre of the lotus flower.
  • Cover the rest of the lotus flower with the red stones.
  • Cover the pointy part of the silver foil on top of the decorated coconut with the red lace tightly.
  • Tie the artificial flower on the pointy part on top of the coconut

Wasn't it easy to decorate this? While coconut decoration for Hindu marriage is very popular, there is a region that is particularly famous for it. Particularly green coconut decoration for marriage: Andhra Pradesh. In the next step we will show you an idea for coconut decoration for Telegu wedding.picture: https://www.youtube.com

How to Decorate Coconut for Indian Wedding - Nariyal decoration for wedding

Decoration for Telegu wedding

In our tutorial on how to decorate coconut for Indian wedding we could not miss decorations for Telegu weddings. Below is an example of a homemade green coconut decoration for marriage. This is called kobbari bondam.

When it comes to decorating wedding kobbari bondam, we always recommend leaving the background as it is. Green coconut has such a beautiful color that it would be a shame to cover it all. This kobbari bondam in the picture might look impossible to make, but there is a trick. Unless you are a professional painter, you can just buy a sticker with a Hindu God scene and decorate your wedding kobbari bondam according to it.In the same way as we explained before, apply the sticker on one of the flattish parts of the coconut. Then, with the help of a tiny brush, glue little diamonds and pearls, decorating all around the sticker. It will look amazing, guaranteed!picture: https://in.pinterest.com

How to Decorate Coconut for Indian Wedding - Decoration for Telegu wedding

Other decoration ideas

When it comes to coconut decoration ideas for weddings, the sky is the limit! Here are a few:

  • Write the names of the bride and groom in glitter
  • Add Swarovski for a more sophisticated decoration
  • Add gajras
  • Intricate laces all around the coconut
  • Apply a sticker with the picture of the bride and groom
  • Make a swan, duck or peacock with your coconut
  • Cover it in velvet

Now you know how to decorate a coconut for an engagement, a Telegu wedding, and some other ideas. Enjoy getting creative! And enjoy the celebrations!

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How to Decorate Coconut for Indian Wedding