The Best Valentine's Day Games to Play as a Couple

By Mary Smith. February 4, 2022
The Best Valentine's Day Games to Play as a Couple

Valentine's Day can be a fun experience to spend much-needed quality time with your loved one. However, there is often a lot of pressure to be seen to do the right thing. You can spend a lot of time thinking about buying a gift, what to write in a card or trying to find the perfect romantic dinner. However, when the day comes, you might feel a little awkward at the pomp and circumstance. What better way to break the tension than with some fun and flirty games to play as a couple.

At oneHOWTO, we provide the best Valentine's Day games to play as a couple. Whether you are in need of connection, are worried about making it a memorable evening or simply want some new fun with your partner, we have the ideas for you.

1. Treasure hunt

If you want to give a surprising and exciting touch to this Valentine's Day, why not create a personalized treasure hunt? This is a fun bespoke game which is a great way to provide surprise for your partner. It's like a treasure hunt you might have at a children's party, but with a romantic tough.

The idea for a Valentine's Day treasure hunt is to leave different clues around the home. Each clue will direct your partner to the next one. Whether you want to have some treat at each clue or you want to build up to a big surprise is up to you. What the surprise could be is up to you. It could be a love letter, a song, concert tickets or whatever you like.

In fact, some people like to use Valentine's day as a memorable day to pop the question. If you are thinking of taking the next step, maybe the last clue could lead to a ring?

2. Sensual games

Experimenting, playing and discovering each other is part of intimacy with your partner. Valentine's Day can be a great excuse to enhance your senses and enjoy passionate moments with your partner.

The game for February 14th with your couple consists of preparing cards on which you can put sensual suggestions. For example: eat something off a body part, give massage, choose a position, etc. They can be as saucy or as cheesy as you want. You can also buy them online, but we think it is something best to do yourself.

Once you have these cards ready, deal them out and choose them at random. Obviously you wont' do anything either are uncomfortable with, so just make sue to have fun.

To spark your imagination, take a look at some of our Valentine's Day quotes and phrases to inspire you.

The Best Valentine's Day Games to Play as a Couple - 2. Sensual games

3. Twister

Have you ever played the classic game twister? This popular game can become the perfect distraction for Valentine's Day. If you have a twister mat at home, you have everything to have a fun time as a couple. It is a physical game where you intertwine your bodies while you place your hands and feet in the colored circles. To give it a more romantic or passionate touch, you can challenge each other.

For example, whoever loses must do something for the other one. It can be anything, you just have to think carefully about the reward.

4. Talk! Flirt! Dare!

Whether you are on an early date with your partner or you want to rekindle your connection, Talk! Flirt! Dare! may be the game for you. This is a card game which has three levels of intimacy. Choose a card from each category and either answer the question or do the dare. You can buy this game, but you can also make one yourself if you like. It can be an activity for more than one couple together, but you'll have to decide on some ground rules first.

The Best Valentine's Day Games to Play as a Couple - 4. Talk! Flirt! Dare!

5. Couples trivia

The star game for Valentine's Day is the trivia game for couples. These can be found via various resources and you don't need to order them off Amazon. Simply Google ‘trivia for couples’ and you'll find multiple sources of questions from magazines and online directories. You can ask yourself things which will help to get to know each other better and breed intimacy. Even if you know your partner very well, you might be surprised by some fun revelations.

To save you time looking for trivia questions on Valentine's Day, you can simply start with our oneHOWTO list of hot questions to ask your partner.

6. Couples coupons

Do you want to surprise your partner this Valentine's Day? We provide you with a proposal that will last much longer than the day itself. Get yourself a wad of vouchers or simply a small notebook and propose to your partner to write about 10 wishes. You must do the same.

The fun of this game is that you play it by fulfilling the wishes of the other, either during Valentine's Day or for however long it takes. Wishes should be part of the game, so choose things you can do for each other in a short period of time. For example, romantic fantasies, a dance, a striptease, a romantic dinner, etc. Any wish is valid as long as you have trust with your partner.

Playing games for couples on Valentine's Day can be a part of the perfect day together. However, you will likely want to make it only one part of the evening. If you are unable to go out for whatever reason, why not find out ways to celebrate Valentine's Day at home?

The Best Valentine's Day Games to Play as a Couple - 6. Couples coupons

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The Best Valentine's Day Games to Play as a Couple
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The Best Valentine's Day Games to Play as a Couple

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