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How to ask a girl out for Valentine's day

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to ask a girl out for Valentine's day

You have been checking her out for a while, something suggests that you are in with a chance, the signs indicate that planning a date may be a good move and, making the best of February 14th's setting of love and romance, you have decided to take a chance and ask her out. And so, here at OneHowTo, we want to help by giving you some tips on how to ask a girl out for Valentines day.

Steps to follow:


It may seem stupid but you should ensure that she does not have a partner already or is not seeing anyone; it is important to know that she is fully available, otherwise you will have to endure a cutting 'no' as an answer.


As a strategy, test waters before asking. A few days before Valentine's Day make conversation about possible plans for that day and listen to what she has to say; maybe she is single but that does not mean that she has no plans. Maybe some else asked her out, maybe she's seeing friends. You need to know that all is clear to make your move.


Ask her what she thinks about Valentine's Day. Many people see it as a day for romance, but for others it is perceived to be commercial and distasteful. If she is of the second opinion she may think that asking her out on Valentine's Day is silly, so be careful with this.


Once you know for sure that she is single, has no plans on Valentine's or hard feelings against the romantic festivity the time will be right to ask her out. Simply approach her and say calmly and casually 'hey, as you don't have any plans on Valentine's, would you like to come out with me?'. Do not make it too formal, make her aware of your interest and of your casual approach.


If the answer is a yes, plan a pleasant outing to a place where you can talk and have fun. We suggest that you do not make it too intimate or romantic because this might make her uncomfortable; just think that if this relationship prospers you will have plenty of time for romantic dates.


If the answer is no that is no problem, do not dwell on it too much: maybe she does not feel comfortable going out with someone on that day, maybe the time to take such a step is not right for her... but if you do not ask you will never know.

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  • Push aside nerves and solemnity, once you are sure that the path is clear go for it!
  • Do not make the whole matter seem overly romantic as you might overwhelm her, remember that not everybody likes a lot of intimacy on their first date.
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How to ask a girl out for Valentine's day