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DIY Party Game Ideas for Adults

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 14, 2022
DIY Party Game Ideas for Adults

Are you going to organize a party for adults? If so, preparing some adult party games is usually something fun to get the evening going.What better than a little fun and laughter after dinner? Whether its a large group or a small group, and no matter if your party is indoors or out, there are plenty of options for icebreakers - not all of them have to involve drinking either!

From traditional games that we played as children to other more original party game ideas, there a many options to liven up the party and have some fun. In this OneHowTo article we help you celebrate a perfect evening by giving you some adult party game ideas that you will love! Which one is your favorite?

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The Classic Party Games

We will start by going through the traditional party games, as they always manage to liven up the evening and get everyone enjoying themselves. They are traditional games that you probably played as a child, but when played now you will enjoy them even more than before. Take note:

  • Charades

It is a classic for any party, both for adults or kids. Create two teams in which a member from each team must mime a film for their team mates to guess. To make things more exciting, the film title should be chosen by the opposite team, and the mime will only have one minute to try and mime the film title for their team to guess correctly!

  • Chinese whispers

This is another game you will have played at least once in your life. All participants sit in a circle and one of them begins by quickly whispering a word or phrase into the ear of the person next to them. The fun is in seeing how much a message can change from what was originally by the time it reaches the last recipient.

  • The 'never have I ever' game

This is an adult game which can be very funny where you can learn new things about your friends. To do so you need glasses filled with drinks! the rules are very simple: someone says a sentence regarding something they have never done, if someone at the table has done that they will have to drink. Those who have not done what has been stated do not drink. For example: 'Never have I ever kissed a girl.' This is a fun game where you discover interesting and naughty things about your friends. Take a look at our article: Never have I ever, the best questions! for more.

  • Musical chairs

This is another classic children's game that can be transferred to the context of an adult party because it is fun and will have you all laughing when playing it. The game involves placing chairs in a circle; there must be one chair less than the number of people present, for example, if you are five you have to put out 4 chairs. Run around the chairs to the rhythm of the music. When someone stops the music you all run to sit on a chair; the one who is left without a seat must leave the game and another chair is removed.

  • Limbo game

Another idea for games at an adult party is the classic limbo. Put a bar between two players and, to the rhythm of the music, players must try to pass under it without touching it. Each round the bar is moved lower. The winner is the last person to fall.

Also, you can innovate with other games if you decide to theme your party in a particular style like 20s, Hawaiian, and so on. In OneHowTo we give you some ideas for adult theme parties.

DIY Party Game Ideas for Adults - The Classic Party Games

Original games for adults

  • Who Am I? Character game

As your guests enter the house you assign them a character. This remains anonymous to them as you place their character name tag on their back. They should be characters known to the group (such as celebrities, cartoon characters or whoever you want!); the fun is that nobody knows who they are and so as the night progresses they have to ask questions to figure it out. Questions can only be answered with 'Yes' or 'No', and to make it more fun you can set a maximum time to guess who it is. Who fails to guess their character will have to pass a test or will suffer a penalty of some sort, the first person to guess their character will have a surprise gift. Hilarious!

  • Music game

This is a perfect game, especially for groups that are passionate about music. Here two teams are made and, similar to charades, the opposing team will tell you what song to hum which your team will then try to guess. In 30 seconds or 1 minute your team members will have to guess what is being hummed and name the song or singer / band that performed it.

  • Treasure hunt

This is a treasure hunt game but it takes place entirely indoors. In the area where the party is being celebrated you must distribute different clues that will lead guests to the treasure. The treasure can be a gift such as a bottle of something nice, or whatever comes to mind. To make the game more fun, set a maximum time for discovering the clues.

  • Tangling/Untangling game

Participants at the party will have to hold hands and start to tangle with one another by linking hands and twisting around each other to become as tangled up as possible. One player will have to go outside this is happening and later enter the room in order to try to disentangle them without the players letting go of each others' hands. It is a very fun game that is sure to cause great laughter.

  • Beer Pong

The classic party variation of table tennis, this game for adults involves placing plastic cups containing a small amount of beer at one end of a table in a triangle formation, and trying to get table tennis balls into the opposing teams cups from the other end. You play against the opposing team with each miss penalized by the participant having to drink something.

DIY Party Game Ideas for Adults - Original games for adults

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DIY Party Game Ideas for Adults