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Eurovision Party Ideas: Costumes, Food and Games

Emily Sakzewski
By Emily Sakzewski. Updated: October 16, 2020
Eurovision Party Ideas: Costumes, Food and Games

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the world's most popular song contests. The TV song competition is traditionally for European countries (with Australia recently being allowed to enter). But the truth is that Eurovision is not only enjoyed by Europeans. In fact, Eurovision is broadcast in many non-competing countries worldwide. Over the years, Eurovision has developed a cult-like following of people who love to gather together to watch the contest. So if you're thinking of hosting your own Eurovision party, you'll love this OneHowTo article where we give you the best Eurovision party ideas, complete with costumes, food and games!

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  1. Why do we love Eurovision?
  2. Eurovision party costumes
  3. Eurovision party food
  4. Eurovision party games
  5. Enjoy the party

Why do we love Eurovision?

Where does the world's love of Eurovision come from? Some people think that Eurovision song entries can be cheesy, but even cheesiness has its appeal. It's the mix of bright lights, big personalities, shiny costumes and powerful ballads that attracts its almost 200 million viewers each year. The Eurovision Song Contest unites a whole bunch of different countries with their common love of pure entertainment - and really, that's what Eurovision is all about. So, to make the most of all the fun and excitement, why not gather your friends together for a Eurovision party in true, over-the-top, Eurovision style.

Eurovision Party Ideas: Costumes, Food and Games - Why do we love Eurovision?

Eurovision party costumes

One of the best things about a Eurovision party is the opportunity to dress up. The bigger and brighter, the better! Here are some ideas for how to dress to a Eurovision theme:

1. Flag costume: One of the easiest costumes is to dress up as the national flag of the country that you're rooting for. You could also choose the flag of your favourite Eurovision contestant's country, the flag of the hosting country, or even the European flag. This costume is super easy because you can get most of your costume from souvenir shops. You can also purchase face paints from a craft or party shop and paint your face as the flag.

2. Be a diva like Conchita: If you're not feeling especially patriotic, why not dress up as everyone's favourite Eurovision winner, Conchita Wurst? A paper beard mask, drawn on beard or even real facial hair will do the trick. Complete Conchita's iconic look by donning a luscious dark haired wig, a fierce statement gown and some killer heels!

3. Go hardcore like Lordi: If you prefer the heavy-metal Eurovision contestants like the 2006 Eurovision winner Lordi from Finland, why not emulate the look by wearing a scary monster mask? Complete the look by wearing a white hat with a blue cross for the Finnish flag and you'll be rocking the Lordi look in no time.

4. Go retro with ABBA: Many people forget that ABBA got their international superstar status only after they won the Eurovision Contest in 1974. Grab three friends and transform yourselves into Anni-Frid, Agnetha, Bjorn and Benny by donning some white flaired pants or dresses with knee-high boots.

If you're hosting a costumed Eurovision party, be sure to read this OneHowTo article how to throw the best costume party for more tips.

Eurovision Party Ideas: Costumes, Food and Games - Eurovision party costumes

Eurovision party food

Eurovision is an international affair, so it's only right to serve international foods! We recommend different dishes that represent the different nationalities of the contestants. Here are a list of Eurovision party foods:

Serve the food with some German beers, French Champagne, or Italian wines and that's what we call a cosmopolitan mix!

Eurovision Party Ideas: Costumes, Food and Games - Eurovision party food

Eurovision party games

The most popular games to play at Eurovision parties are drinking games. Here are a set of 5 Eurovisoin drinking game rules that will leave you a bit more than just merry.

  • Rule 1: Drink when the song changes key
  • Rule 2: Drink when you see fireworks
  • Rule 3: If someone makes a remark about the outfits, everyone drinks
  • Rule 4: If something goes wrong, drink. This includes wardrobe malfunctions, forgetting song lyrics or dance routines.
  • Rule 5: Drink when a non-English speaking country sings a song in English

If you're not one for drinking games, some games without alcohol that you can prepare ahead of time include:

  • Guess the winner: where everyone is given a ballot card and whoever correctly guesses the winner and top 2 runners-up wins a prize
  • Eurovision trivia: test your guests knowledge of Eurovision history with a quiz
  • Know your country quiz: Another good trivia game to prepare is a trivia quiz about the country hosting Eurovision.
Eurovision Party Ideas: Costumes, Food and Games - Eurovision party games

Enjoy the party

A Eurovision party is a great excuse to get your friends together and enjoy all the glitz, glamour and craziness that is Eurovision. We hope you've found this OneHowTo article for Eurovision party ideas, complete with costumes, food and games useful. You might also like to read some related articles about how to organize a party.

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Eurovision Party Ideas: Costumes, Food and Games