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How to Throw a 1920s Themed Party

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Throw a 1920s Themed Party

Do you feel like throwing a party in the style of the 1920s? The 1920s was a fascinating time, known for its speakeasies, fringed dresses and the birth of jazz as a musical style. Do you want a party full of glamour and elegance? When you organize a themed party for adults you need to consider the decor, the music, the food and especially the dress code. At OneHowTo.com we'll explain how to throw a 1920s themed party that will leave everyone speechless.

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Steps to follow:


To begin planning your 1920s themed party you need to create some stylish invitations. On some card or glossy black paper draw some curtains, use an art deco style font and create a secret word that will be the password for entering this forbidden, clandestine party to resemble the years of the Prohibition. It would be a great touch if you have a friend to act as security personnel to search guests as they arrive to make sure that they're not carrying any weapons and to ask them to say the password.


The decor is critical in this type of 1920s themed party. Decorate the space with round tables dressed with elegant white tablecloths. Place centrepieces of flowers and candles to create a cabaret-like atmosphere. You can place Chinese lanterns hanging the corners or as garlands. You can also use heavy, elegant fabrics such as red velvet to decorate, draping them in waves on the ceiling. You can finish it off with gold balloons or other decorations. Another nice accessory that will create a fabulous atmosphere is to hang feather boas on the walls and chairs. The lighting should be mysterious, dark but full of magnetism. Another thing that can't be missing is a gramophone or record player that will give your party the perfect touch.

How to Throw a 1920s Themed Party - Step 2

No party is complete without a keepsake for the guests. An interesting souvenir for women could be a sexy, deep red lipstick. And you could give the men a miniature car of the time or a gun that is a lighter or USB stick.

Another aspect that you mustn't skimp on at your party is music: a celebration in the style of the 1920s would include jazz and the Charleston, the most popular music of the age. If you have enough money, hire a band that plays that type of music; if not, get hold of some LPs that reproduce this extraordinary music on the gramophone.

How to Throw a 1920s Themed Party - Step 3

As to the menu of this very special evening, fear not since it will be really easy. You can prepare snacks, sandwiches and even some kind of puff pastry. Basically, any food that can be eaten without cutlery and while standing up. And what you can't forget at a clandestine party is the alcohol. It was the prohibition era so you could serve champagne and some kind of stylish cocktail. For people who do not want to drink alcohol you can provide a fruit punch served in a large punch bowl placed in the center of one of the tables alongside the food.

How to Throw a 1920s Themed Party - Step 4

And finally you will have to set a dress code to create the appropriate environment. Women have to wear a knee-length, figure-hugging dress with feathers, sequins and decorated with fringes. And there are a wide range of accessories, such as pearl necklaces, hats, fasteners, and even waved hairstyles. Finish your outfit with a feather boa that will give you a super sexy look. And guys can take inspiration from the dress of the gangsters of the time who wore striped suits and tie, shoulder pads, braces, a hat and patent leather shoes. For more ideas, take a look at our article on how to dress up 20's style and get the perfect look.

How to Throw a 1920s Themed Party - Step 5

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How to Throw a 1920s Themed Party