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How to organize a themed party for adults

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to organize a themed party for adults

If you are thinking of throwing a party surely the option of making it a themed party has gone through your head. The truth is that these are often fun events that will make our guests enjoy themselves as if they were children. There are many options when it comes to choosing a theme, however, it is necessary to have some clear ideas to know how to organize a themed party for adults.

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Steps to follow:


If we want a theme that pleases everyone, we may have to dedicate some time to this before choosing. We must think of the age range of the guests and take their tastes and preferences into account . Undoubtedly they are all different people but they will have things in common that can be drawn upon to select a party theme that pleases everyone.


Some ideas that always seem to work well in parties for adults are themed parties based on historical eras (60s, Roman, medieval etc.). Furthermore, we can also choose films, music groups or even cartoon characters.

How to organize a themed party for adults - Step 2

The most important thing is that all guests know that this is a themed party. To do this, we must create invitation cards in sufficient time to enable them to find the perfect outfit. It is a good idea to make the invitation cards based on the theme that we have finally chosen. Thus, both images and typography should be consistent.


You are the host, therefore your outfit has to be exemplary. Try to get the best, most original and most elaborate costume. The success of this event depends on you, so be it a seventies party, a hippie party or Hawaiian party your mission is to get into the role as much as possible.

How to organize a themed party for adults - Step 4

If you want your themed party to be 100% unique and real, you should ask get foods and drinks that also match the theme. For this task, the Internet can be a great source of knowledge. Surf the net in search of a good themed menu, you may find surprising results! A good option is to make cupcakes with themed icing or even cakes with a fondant cover that depicts the theme you have chosen.

How to organize a themed party for adults - Step 5

Finally, do not forget the most important thing: the decoration. You can continue searching the Internet or watching films on the chosen subject. Also, a good idea is to set up a photo call to reinforce the theme you choose, your guests will have a souvenir of your party and will even be able to post it online.

How to organize a themed party for adults - Step 6

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How to organize a themed party for adults