How to Make Simple Decoration for Ganpati at Home

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make Simple Decoration for Ganpati at Home

The arrival of Ganpati is usually marked with lots of dance, fun, sweets, guests and joyful of celebrations. Ganesh Chaturthi is the major festival of the Indian state of Maharashtra, but people in different parts of the country celebrate this festive occasion. Every year, people think of innovative ideas to decorate their house and please the God. We, at, have come up with some simple yet creative ideas to decorate your home for Ganpati. Read on to find out how to make simple decoration for Ganpati at home.

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Using empty bottles

Mostly, empty plastic and glass bottles are thrown in the bin after use, which is useless and harmful for the environment as well. So, start collecting your mineral water bottles from now on, and use them creatively to make a grand background for your Ganpati decoration. The decoration will look fabulous if all your bottles look same and are of the same size. However, different sized and shaped bottles can be used to make different parts of the decoration. Arrange the bottles side by side and one above the other to create a nice pattern. Use glue to stick the bottles in place, and use lights to illuminate them that will look extremely attractive and catchy.

How to Make Simple Decoration for Ganpati at Home - Using empty bottles

Using coconut shells

Don’t throw your coconut shells from now on. Keep collecting them as and when you use your coconuts, and use their shells to make grand decorations for your Ganpati puja. Use a mixture of cardboard, glue and baskets to create attractive figures with coconut shells. The best thing is that this decoration is organic and eco-friendly. It looks traditional and proves to be a eco-friendly way to decorate your home and celebrate Ganpati puja.

Using peacock feathers

Peacock feathers are already known for their colorful beauty and delicate texture. They look fabulous when placed systematically in a pattern. Paste peacock feathers on thermocol or cardboard to make attractive patterns, and use them to make a simple yet attractive decoration for Ganpati at home. You can easily find peacock feathers in the market, or collect them from real peacocks if you are living in the countryside. Make a background of peacock feathers and place your Ganesha idol in the middle of it to give it an aesthetic appeal.

How to Make Simple Decoration for Ganpati at Home - Using peacock feathers

Using different colored flowers

Flowers are the best offering you can give to Gods and Goddesses, and what can please them more than a typically flower themed decoration. Use different sizes and colors of flowers to make attractive decorations for your Ganpati. Make an arch with flowers around your Ganpati idol, and decorate its background with a sheet of flowers as well. But remember, flowers tend to rot and may not be a possible decoration if you are going to keep your Ganpati for several days.

Giving a Kailash mountain theme to your Ganpati decoration

Lord Ganpati is commonly associated with Lord Shiva, and they live in the Kailash Mountain in the Himalayas. You can recreate the atmosphere of a snow-covered mountain with the help of thermocol, cotton. You can also use white sheets and lots of lights to create the look of a mountain. Place your Ganesha idol in the middle of the decoration, and grab compliments.

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How to Make Simple Decoration for Ganpati at Home
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How to Make Simple Decoration for Ganpati at Home

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