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How To Make Diwali Candles At Home

Sheetal B
By Sheetal B. Updated: June 5, 2018
How To Make Diwali Candles At Home

Diwali is the biggest festival for Hindus all over the world. Also known as the “festival of lights”, the moonless night is filled with lights from “diyas”(oil lamps), candles, electric lights and fire crackers. Illuminating every corner is at the core of the festival. Making Diwali candles at home is an exciting fun filled project for many. Customized, creative and homemade candles are so much more special than the ones bought from a store. At OneHowTo, we’ll tell you how to make Diwali candles at home.

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  1. Get Hold Of the Ingredients
  2. How To Create a New Diwali Candle
  3. Decorate Diwali candles at home
  4. Bring Out The Creativity

Get Hold Of the Ingredients

Diwali candles are easy to make. The basic ingredients are paraffin wax, wick and a mold. To add variations, you would need scents and color dyes. For gel candles, the gel is needed along with decoration items like dried flowers, shells etc; anything that looks pretty inside a glass. You would also need a bowl to melt the wax and a thermometer to check the temperature of the melting wax.

How To Create a New Diwali Candle

The first step you need to take to make Diwali candles at home will be to melt the wax in a bowl and then add color and scent of your choice. As the wax turns hotter, check for the temperature. Meanwhile have the mold ready with the wick inside (holding the wick from the top end to allow it to remain straight) and then pour the melted mixture inside. Let it cool and later detach from the mold. Your paraffin wax candle is ready. For a floating candle, the mold is a small tin, which does not need to be de-molded. A gel candle is prepared the exact same way, only that the wax is different (prettier and gel like) and the mold is usually a glass one. Gel candles are usually made with lots of color and different materials to be placed inside the mold that make them look very attractive.

How To Make Diwali Candles At Home - How To Create a New Diwali Candle

Decorate Diwali candles at home

Decorating Diwali candles can add so much more character to them. If you do not wish to get into making candles from scratch, you can decorate store bought ones and add a touch of your creativity to them. You could paint them, add glitter or decorate with flowers, shells or even stickers. You can spruce up a plain old candle to look completely different with your creativity.

How To Make Diwali Candles At Home - Decorate Diwali candles at home

Bring Out The Creativity

Diwali candles are no different from regular candles. The only difference is they can be prettier! With the idea of illuminating every corner of the house, candles bring warmth and can add a touch of beauty to your Diwali decorations. From regular wax candles to gel ones to floating candles, all can be made at home, a perfect way to make the festival even more engaging and exciting for you. So bring out the artist in you and get to make candles at home this Diwali.

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How To Make Diwali Candles At Home