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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Professionally

Misty Thomas
By Misty Thomas. Updated: November 20, 2017
How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Professionally
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Everyone wants to have the best Christmas tree in the neighborhood. There are so many types of lights and decorations, that it can be a challenge to decorate your tree so that it looks professional. If you are having trouble putting just the right touches on your Christmas tree, don't worry - oneHOWTO can show you how to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro.

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  1. You Need A Color Scheme And A Theme
  2. A real or artificial tree
  3. Lights and Ornaments

You Need A Color Scheme And A Theme

If you are ready to try something new with your tree decorations, perhaps it's time to try on a brighter color scheme. Many interior designers have said that the "in" thing with Christmas trees is having a brightly colored scheme.

You can choose your traditional green tree or you can even buy brightly colored trees. If you decided on a green tree, you can decorate it with bright and vivid lights and ornaments. Most professional designers say the colors that are best are plum, bright blue, pink, and white. They also suggest that you choose a color that will match the room where you have put the Christmas tree.

Along with the color scheme, you also need a theme to your tree. The theme can be anything you want! The tree doesn't even have to have a Christmas theme to it. If you are a fan of sports, you can have a sports themed tree.

If you have children in your home that love Disney, you can do a Disney tree for them. There is no right or wrong theme. Just pick one that suits your family best. Take a look at these suggestions to decorate a Christmas tree professionally with a theme:

  • Candy haven: Christmas is synonymous of sweets, which is why one of the best themes for a Christmas tree is sweets and candy! Hang chocolates, candy canes and other delicious sweets from your tree harmoniously. This is a great idea if you have children, they can pick one sweet per day until Christmas day arrives!
  • Modern bauble paradise: Want a sophisticated and modern Christmas tree? Choose baubles and other Christmas tree ornaments in metallic hues, especially gold, copper and silver. These colors will work harmoniously and will give your tree the touch you're looking for.
  • Minimal touch: Minimal Christmas trees are all in lately. This is why using simple white LED fairy lights around your tree and just adding a few baubles cleverly placed harmoniously around the tree is a safe bet if you don't want to go over the top and still have a chic Christmas.
  • Rustic Christmas: In this case,a good old velvet garland, plaid patterns and wooden ornaments will give your tree a homey and hygge feeling too. Top with a few red ribbons too.
  • Tree royalty: Gold has to be the most elegant color for your Christmas tree. Choose this color in all the elements that will hang from your tree, from garlands, fairy lights and baubles.
  • Eco-friendly: Another great theme that you can choose for your tree is the upcycled Christmas tree. You can have a great time making your own Christmas tree ornaments with recycled materials such as newspaper (to make paper baubles), cardboard and other original ornaments.
How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Professionally - You Need A Color Scheme And A Theme
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A real or artificial tree

Many people have such a hard decision when it comes to the type of Christmas tree that they want. Many choose fake trees because they are easy to put up and require little or no maintenance whatsoever. Others love the smell and look of a real tree. When you have a real tree, make sure that you are watering it daily so that it doesn't turn brown. And with your artificial tree, make sure that when you are decorating your Christmas tree, pull the branches apart so that they look full and real.

Another third option is to make your Christmas tree with other original materials, this will look extremely modern and professional if you decorate it correctly. For example, you can use an old wooden ladder and decorate it by hanging different ornaments from it. You can also use wooden logs one on top of the other (the last should be longer than the next) or even old wine corks. This will not only look original but, if you are a skilled DIY geek, it will also look highly professional!

Lights and Ornaments

Now that you have chosen the most important aspects of your Christmas tree, it's time to start decorating it professionally with these simple steps:

  1. The first step to put up a Christmas tree professionally is to start with putting up the lights first of all. In order to create the symmetry that will make your Christmas tree look professional, you should carefully start laying the lights cable around the tree. Put the lights as near to the outside as possible, making sure that the unsightly cables are out of sight at the same time.
  2. The next step is to add the garlands if you want any. These can actually be used to hide those unsightly cables. Start weaving from the bottom of the tree, starting from the inside part of the tree and then moving to the outer edges.
  3. A great tip that will harmonize your Christmas tree when you start adding the baubles is to use heavier and bigger ones around the bottom, while you should save the smaller pieces for the top. This will create an illusion of symmetry and harmony. Make sure you don't hang all your decorations on the tip of the tree, give depth to your decorations by placing certain baubles or decorations in the inner parts of the tree. We'll call these "filler ornaments". These filler ornaments don't need to be as spectacular as the ones that will be placed by the tip of the branches, but it's important to combine them with the others, let's say we should have two filler ornaments for each special ornament you place on the tree in order to create harmony.
  4. A Christmas tree is usually topped with a star or angel at the top. Make sure you choose one that matches your Christmas tree theme.

Other important tips to decorate a Christmas tree professionally

Many professional tree decorators say that lights and ornaments can make or break a Christmas tree. It is important to stick with lights that are either clear or white and not the blinking ones. When placing the lights and ornaments on the tree, it is very important that you make them look classy and dignified and not all clustered up together. The amount of lights and ornaments that you put on the tree is completely up to you. Just be sure to separate the ornaments so there aren't spots of the tree that appear naked.

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Professionally - Lights and Ornaments

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Professionally