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How to Make Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: February 8, 2017
How to Make Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations

There is nothing that reminds people more of Christmas than a Christmas tree. Without a Christmas tree, where would Santa Claus leave all the gifts after coming down the fire place? Buying a Christmas tree marks the beginning of the holiday season and it has become an extended tradition to decorate the Christmas tree using all sorts of ornaments and baubles. Christmas tree decorations are often more expensive than the Christmas tree itself; but a Christmas tree without decorations is like Santa Claus not showing up with gifts.

In this OneHowTo article we share how to make recycled Christmas tree decorations.

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  1. Old light bulbs
  2. Used coffee capsules
  3. Tennis or table tennis balls
  4. Baking paper cups
  5. Clothing pegs

Old light bulbs

The fun aspect of having a Christmas tree is spending some time decorating it. When it comes to adornment, coming up with unusual Christmas ornament ideas is actually really fun. You can use old light bulbs to decorate the Christmas tree.

You may paint them of different colors to mimic Christmas lights or maybe draw a face, a scarf and some buttons on them to create unique handmade snowmen ornaments to hanging from your tree.

Use spray paint as a base and then use tempera colors or symilar if you want to draw figures on it. Use old pieces of fabric, buttons or magazine cuttings to create your character. Glue some string to the top so it can hang on the tree.

How to Make Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations - Old light bulbs

Used coffee capsules

If you are a coffee drinker, you may be able to give a second use to all of those coffee capsules sitting inside your trash can. Don’t throw them away and set them aside for this Christmas ornament DIY.

It is very easy, you just have to pierce a hole on the top of the capsule and insert a fine lace. To prevent it from coming out, just tie a knot on the other that will be kept hidden inside the capsule. You can tie a few capsules together to make them look like jingle bells. Finally, place some Christmas stickers on the capsules to make them more festive.

How to Make Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations - Used coffee capsules

Tennis or table tennis balls

Earlier on in the year, you bought a full tennis equipment thinking you would start playing tennis and now your gear is sitting in the closet. If you have some tennis balls gathering dust in your storage area, they can actually become your Christmas tree ornaments.

You will need a small piece of fabric or an old handkerchief and some thread. It is as easy as wrapping the fabric over the ball and securing it with the thread.

For a nice touch, hang some old earrings around the ball to add some holiday glitz.

Another idea is to make newspaper baubles, in this way, you're re-using both the inside with the table tennis ball as well as the outside with the newspaper!

How to Make Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations - Tennis or table tennis balls

Baking paper cups

Paper cups were not only designed to make baking easier by stopping the dough from sticking to the pan. You can use baking paper cups to make recycled Christmas tree ornaments.

If your paper cups are plain white make sure to use some markers to add some color. Some easy ideas are small dots and stars. Then fold them in half. With the rugged edge looking down stick one paper cup to the upper quarter of another paper cup. Repeat the process one more time. They will look like layered skirts. Make a hole a top to tie a thread.

How to Make Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations - Baking paper cups

Clothing pegs

No one seems to hangs their clothes anymore when there are fast and efficient dryers in most households. You may use old clothing clamps to make some unique and stunning snowflakes.

You will need to break your pegs and paint them white. Then, use some glue to stick the thicker edges of two pegs together to form a straight line. The pointy sides should look out. Then stick two clamps one on the left and one on the right. It will now look like a cross. Finally add a peg in between each space so that you end up with eight arms. To hang the snowflake just wrap a thread tightly around the top arm.

How to Make Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations - Clothing pegs

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How to Make Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations