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How To Use Recycled Things To Decorate At Christmas

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Use Recycled Things To Decorate At Christmas

Christmas is a time where the house is adorned with typical Christmas objects and decorations. Figures of Santa Claus, the Christmas tree and various decorative objects are scattered around the corners of the house. At OneHowTo we believe in having an ecological Christmas so we suggest decorating with recycling at Christmas and helping to preserve the environment without losing the Christmas magic.

In this article we show you how to decorate using recycling at Christmas and how to create a recycled Christmas tree , a homemade nativity scene and a variety of fun and recycled decorative objects.

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  1. Recycled Christmas Trees
  2. Making a recycled nativity scene
  3. Recycled Christmas decorations

Recycled Christmas Trees

In order to decorate using recycling at Christmas and construct a recycled Christmas tree , you can actually create one with recycled plastic bottles quite easily! You only need cardboard, green paint, 1.5L plastic bottles and scissors.

You can also make a Christmas tree with other recycled materials such as old magazines, green glass bottles or patterned wrapping paper. Take a look at our article for more ideas!

To decorate the Christmas tree with recycled objects you can opt to use old CD's, nuts painted in different colors , colored card, pieces of cardboard or pieces of A4 size paper. Here are all the instructions for making recycled Christmas ornaments.

How To Use Recycled Things To Decorate At Christmas - Recycled Christmas Trees

Making a recycled nativity scene

Nativity scenes are also a Christmas tradition and assembling it is great to do with your family. At OneHowTo will also suggest that you make the figurines yourself with recycled materials and so enjoy an ecological Christmas.

  • A cork nativity scene: The corks from wine bottles can be used tomake recycled Christmas decorations. To do this, we just need to clean the corks, draw faces on them and dress the characters with fabric or pieces of felt. The result is great fun and very original, try it!
  • A homemade eggshell nativity scene: Another possibility is making a recycled nativity scene using empty eggshells. To empty the egg without breaking the structure, you need to pierce the egg with a knitting needle and pour the contents out; then you just need to gently clean the egg, paint and dress with fabrics and Christmas ornaments.

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How To Use Recycled Things To Decorate At Christmas - Making a recycled nativity scene

Recycled Christmas decorations

The decorations that we fill our houses with are one of the most characteristics elements of Christmas. We're filled with Christmas spirit and cover every corner with Christmas figures, ornaments and fun objects, perfect for this time of year. Here we tell you how to make recycled Christmas decorations:

  • Christmas decorations with pine cones: pine cones are ideal for Christmas and you can turn them into whatever you like, for example, mini Christmas trees if you put them in a pot and paint them green. They are also perfect for you beating a string of one end and hang the Christmas tree. A good idea is to paint them gold or silver to make them really Christmassy. More ideas Here.
  • Ornaments with toilet rolls: So you can find out how to decorate using recycling at Christmas, with some ornaments designed for children, here is a great idea that they will love. It involves using the cardboard out of toilet rolls and transforming them into different Christmas figures: a penguin, a reindeer and even Santa Claus. You just need pieces of cloth and paint to cr-eate your dolls. The result is very original and ecological!
  • Newspaper baubles:You can also learn how to make newspaper baubles easily. Though the interior of the bauble is made out of cellophane, you can also use an old tennis ball or similar so its 100% upcycled.
  • Christmas Decorations with bulbs: You can create different recycled ornaments with bulbs that you don't use since the shape of these objects is perfect for creating different characters like penguins, reindeer, Santa Claus, and so on. You just need matte paint to create your Christmas characters and a little imagination.

If you are feeling inspired we have even more Christmas decorating ideas that you can do with waste materials.


How To Use Recycled Things To Decorate At Christmas - Recycled Christmas decorations

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How To Use Recycled Things To Decorate At Christmas