Silver wedding anniversaries

How to celebrate a Silver Wedding Anniversary (25 years)

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to celebrate a Silver Wedding Anniversary (25 years)

A silver wedding anniversary celebrates a couple's 25 years of marriage. It is, without a doubt, one of the most emotional anniversaries after the golden anniversary. If you and your loved one have made it 25 years, you deserve a memorable celebration. OneHowTo has a few tips to make sure your Silver Anniversary is a magical one.

Steps to follow:


If you plan a ceremony with family and friends, it could be romantic and meaningful to renew your vows in the presence of your loved ones. If possible, it is always nice to have the priest who preformed your wedding ceremony to renew your vows.

On the other hand,some couple prefer a more intimate ceremony, choosing to have one of their children or a close family member lead the vow renewal. Having someone who has witnessed your marriage through good times and bad say a few words is sure to warm even the coldest hearts.


As I´m sure you´ve learned during 25 years of marriage, the most special times aren´t always those in which we have spent a lot of money. Sometimes, an intimate celebration at home, with only closest friends and family and a home cooked meal, is all it takes to create lasting memories.


Don´t forget to share a few words with your guests. Many of your guests will cherish the advice of a couple whose love has grown and remained strong even after 25 years of marriage. Express your gratitude for having a life companion, through thick and thin, and for having such great friends and family who have supported them all along.

How to celebrate a Silver Wedding Anniversary (25 years) - Step 3

Even though gifts are not required, it is traditional to give a gift to your significant other that is related to the Silver Anniversary. You can get them silver jewellery or perhaps a silver key chain or plate with a customized inscription.

How to celebrate a Silver Wedding Anniversary (25 years) - Step 4

The time of the toast is one of the most touching of the celebration. Make sure you choose the person in charge of giving the toast wisely. It should be someone who has been a witness to your love. The toast should be kept very short but touching.


It is typical to have an intimate dance at a Silver Anniversary celebration. The dance commemorates the first dance between the bride and groom on their wedding day. It is a beautiful moment that can also be shared with your children, the fruit of your strong, happy marriage.


Sometime throughout the night, perhaps right after the meal or during dessert, it is nice to present a photo slideshow to your guests. Simply gather and scan photos from your wedding night and throughout your marriage, and accompany them with a romantic song. Make sure to include plenty of pictures of your guests. They will be so surprised and delighted to see themselves 25 years ago! It is not uncommon for couples to assign the task of creating the slideshow to one of their children, as it is nice for the creation to be a surprise for the happy couple as well!

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How to celebrate a Silver Wedding Anniversary (25 years)