What to give my husband or wife on our wedding anniversary

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What to give my husband or wife on our wedding anniversary

A wedding anniversary is one of the big events of the year for any self-respecting marriage. It is an ideal date to enjoy some romance, give a special gift or plan a weekend getaway. In we share some suggestions on what to give your partner on your wedding anniversary.

Steps to follow:

Photo mosaic. You can give your partner an image made of lots of little pictures of yourselves. This mosaic could be in poster format, for framing or a smaller picture. There are computer programs with which you can do this easily, and if you do not handle computers well you can order this in any photo developing business.


Wallpaper on your computer. If you know that your partner will turn on the computer when he or she gets up you could load onto the desktop a special image or message the previous night. It is an original and very simple gesture, but it will be unexpected and fun.


Leave clues around the house. If you have purchased a gift or you've prepared a surprise, you can enhance the excitement by leaving clues or signs scattered throughout the house. With cards, scraps of paper or candles you can make a nice route to reach the prize.


Pastry with a message. Do you as a couple have a sweet tooth? What better than to make a cake especially designed for the occasion, with a personalized message or a picture or decoration that has a special meaning for both. In some bakeries you can find real wonders.


Say it with poetry. One of the most inexpensive gifts and yet amongst the most touching is to write a poem where you express all that you feel for your partner. It does not matter that you think you are not good at writing, if done from the heart your partner will surely love it.


... Or a song. If you play and instrument you can sing your own poetry or play a song that you both like. You can even record a song or order it from a specialized company.


Romantic evening. Surprise your partner when he or she gets home or when leaving work: take your partner to dinner to an unexpected and special place. When you book the table warn staff that it will be a romantic dinner and tell them to prepare special decoration and to reserve a quiet area where you can enjoy your meal calmly and with intimacy.. If you prefer, you can present him or her with a romantic dinner at home.


Travel surprise. A weekend at a country house, a quick beach getaway, a cultural trip to a nearby town, a trip to Paris... Play with the element of surprise and gain brownie points.


Some very special days. If you can get your partner's mobile phone without them noticing, you can use it to record a voice message on the device and set an alarm to have the recording go off. Schedule for the time that you want and see what a great surprise.


Get yourselves a session to relax together. A visit to the spa, a massage... Forget the stress of everyday life and devote some time to a little self indulgence.


Use the time machine. Play time travel: go to a place which is special for you for some reason. This could be the place where you met or where you first kissed. You can even wear the same clothes that you wore at the time, to increase the sense of 'time travel'. You will find that around you many things have changed, but love remains.


If you have found the perfect anniversary gift, you may also want to organize a silver Anniversary party.

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What to give my husband or wife on our wedding anniversary
What to give my husband or wife on our wedding anniversary

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