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How to Celebrate New Year in India

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Celebrate New Year in India

According to the Hindu lunar calendar, Hindu New Year starts the New Year celebrations in the country, which is during the second week of April. However, Indian communities are very diverse, and people living in different parts of the country have their own ways of celebrating this day. That is why, Indians do not celebrate New Year on a particular day or date. Though, they have started accepting the 1st of January as a universal New Year day. In this article, let us see how to celebrate New Year in India.

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  1. What do Indians do to celebrate New Year?
  2. How do Indians see New Year?
  3. How is public life affected on New Year?
  4. Symbolism of New Year in India

What do Indians do to celebrate New Year?

People in all regions wear new dresses and take part in fun-filled activities like playing games, singing, dancing and partying. Movie theaters, night clubs, restaurants, amusement parks, resorts and others get filled with men, women and children of all ages. People call and wish each other and greet Happy New Year. They exchange greeting cards, gifts and messages as a way to celebrate New Year. A number of New Year events are covered and showcased on major TV channels. People who do not go out to celebrate often like to sit in front of their TV and watch these New Year shows with family to spend New Year's Eve at home. Making New Year resolutions is part and parcel of New Year celebrations in India. These include working harder, developing good habits, leaving bad habits, losing weight etc.

How do Indians see New Year?

Live concerts are often held in major cities of the country, including Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. A number of celebrities like Bollywood stars attend these concerts and showcase their talents. A number of award shows are also organized on New Year’s Eve, which are broadcasted on major TV channels. While many attend these shows personally, others like to celebrate their New Year with family members and close friends. This fun-filled day is taken as a unique opportunity to spend some quality time with loved ones and revive relationship with old friends. The whole idea is to say goodbye to the past year, and welcome the coming year with a ray of hope and optimism. Starting of the New Year is often seen as a parcel of joy and happiness in people’s lives.

How is public life affected on New Year?

New Year day, that is 1st January, is taken as a restricted holiday in the country. People are allowed to take a particular number of restricted holidays during a year, but most businesses and government offices remain open on this day. Public transport also functions fully. Because of celebrations till late night, it is common to report late at work on 1st January. Security tightens in metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, as there have been increased cases of fights and molestation over the past few years. A large number of foreign tourists arrive in India during New Year celebrations, especially Goa which is perhaps the most favored tourist destinations in the country.

Symbolism of New Year in India

As there are no materialistic symbols in India that link directly to New Year, the Indian atmosphere gets filled with vibrant colors, parties, social feasts and prayers during this time. Different people have different ways of celebrating this day. Youngsters like to party, children like to play and go to amusement parks and other such places to have some fun, while elders like to start the New Year with some worship and remembering the Almighty. Indian farmers take this day as the beginning of their harvest season.

However, the Hindu lunar calendar New Year is full of Indian new year traditions, so check them out!

How to Celebrate New Year in India - Symbolism of New Year in India

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How to Celebrate New Year in India