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How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World

Christmas is traditionally a Christian festival, and in many countries around the world, the main focus is on celebrating with friends and family, exchanging gifts and indulging in good food, drinks and company. But each country does things differently, and many countries have their own unusual Christmas traditions. And have you ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated in other countries without a christian tradition?

If you want to discover more about the weird and wonderful ways that Christmas is celebrated around the world then keep reading, as in this OneHowTo article we have put together some information about how different countries all over the world celebrate Christmas, from thee expected to the more unusual. If you know of any unusual Christmas traditions we have missed, let us know in the comments below!

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  2. Christmas in India
  3. Christmas in China
  4. Christmas in France
  5. Christmas in Mexico
  6. Christmas in the USA

Unusual Christmas celebrations

There are many countries where Christmas has only been celebrated in more recent times, largely due to the external influence of western culture. In Japan, Christmas is not a national holiday but it is very common to celebrate in some way. The Japanese Santa Kurohsu is said to have eyes in the back of his head. Instead of Christmas Dinner, many Japanese flock to KFC for a traditional Fried Chicken treat - weird, right?

In Venezuela, a Catholic country, Those celebrating on Christmas morning will go to church on rollerskates. It might sound bizarre, but this christmas tradition is so widespread that roads are closed for this reason!

Catalonia, Spain, has its own special tradition which involves a fellow known as "Caga Tio", which literally means "defecating log". Part of the tradition involves hitting the log with sticks whilst singing a song before he magically "defecates" all of the Christmas presents. We don't have any explanation for this one either...

How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World - Unusual Christmas celebrations

Christmas in India

Whilst India's population is only 2.5% Christian, this still means there are over 25 million Christians throughout India which means quite a lot of people celebrating christmas. The vibrant mix of cultures and religions means an interesting and different atmosphere. While children will still be waiting for Santa Claus to come and bring them presents, the trees that are decorated are banana or mango trees. Find out more about Christmas in India.

How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World - Christmas in India

Christmas in China

In China, the biggest celebration on the calendar is the Chinese new year. Because there are not many Christians in China, it is not a public holiday, but many businesses decorate and put up Christmas displays, and family and friends get together to eat food and enjoy each other's company. Find out more about how Christmas is celebrated in China.

How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World - Christmas in China

Christmas in France

In France, a traditionally Catholic country, celebrating Christmas is about two main things: attending church and eating a lot of food. In fact, its traditional for a French Christmas dinner to be followed by 13, yes 13 different desserts, to represent the 12 Disciples and the Apostle. Find out more about how the French celebrate Christmas.

How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World - Christmas in France

Christmas in Mexico

In Mexico, a traditional Catholic country, all of the Christmas celebrations are linked to God or the birth of Jesus in one way or another. Lets take the tradition of hitting a colorful piñata filled with sweets while blindfolded. In this tradition, the piñata represents sin as being attractive, and the act of hitting it is denouncing the sin. When the piñata breaks and the sweets fall out, this is a reward from God for denouncing sin. Find out more about Mexican Christmas traditions.

How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World - Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in the USA

In the USA, Christmas is right in the middle of the holiday season that starts with thanksgiving and ends with the New Year. Although many families celebrate the occasion in a traditional Christian way, there is a lot of emphasis on Christmas Shopping, gift giving and decorating. Shopping malls are filled with Santa's Grottos and Christmas decorations, where kids go to ask Santa for gifts on the 25th December.

Find out more about how Christmas is celebrated in the USA.

How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World - Christmas in the USA

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How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World