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What to Gift your Brother on Rakhi - Top 7 Best Gifts

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: July 13, 2020
What to Gift your Brother on Rakhi - Top 7 Best Gifts

Rakhi is an important Indian festival. On this day, the sister ties a pious thread known as Rakhi on her brother’s wrist, and takes his promise to fight for her safety and well-being. Exchanging gifts is a great way to show you love and care for each other. The Rakhi tying ceremony is usually accompanied by giving and taking of attractive gifts of each other’s choice. Now that Rakhi is approaching, you must be thinking about what to gift your brother on Rakhi. Here at oneHOWTO, you will find some amazing gift ideas for your brother on Rakhi.

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  1. Gold or diamond Rakhi
  2. Eatables
  3. Watch
  4. Perfume
  5. Smartphone
  6. Pen
  7. Lord Ganesha idol and showpiece

Gold or diamond Rakhi

Usually, Rakhi is a pious thread usually decorated with Swarovski, sequins, ribbons and imitation crystals. But you can make it a precious gift by getting it made in gold or studded with diamonds. Most brothers keep the Rakhi tied on their wrist for a couple of days, and then throw it in the bin. But a gold or diamond Rakhi will be kept treasured in his jewelry chest, and he will never forget the prized gift for your brother.

You can also find some great ideas for Rakhi thali decoration.

What to Gift your Brother on Rakhi - Top 7 Best Gifts - Gold or diamond Rakhi


If your brother has a sweet tooth and would love being honored with a few delicacies, then sweets, dry fruits and chocolates will make amazing gifts for your brother on Rakhi. Make sure that they are high in quality, and their packaging is impressive too. Many shopkeepers make extravagant gift baskets on festivals, which look good as a gift. If your brother is more conscious about his health, gift him a big basket of fruits and juices instead.


A watch is a thoughtful, useful and expensive item to gift your brother on Rakhi and will happy with. No matter how many watches your brother already has, he will always welcome this new addition. You can go for a wooden watch for a unique touch, or buy gold or diamond studded watch, if your budget allows. Gifting watch is also symbolic of sharing time and being available for each other whenever time calls.

What to Gift your Brother on Rakhi - Top 7 Best Gifts - Watch


If you are looking for a luxurious yet personal gift for your brother on Rakhi, then you can never go wrong with a bottle of perfume. Perfume is compact in size, beautifully packaged, and a luxury item to gift to your brother. There are numerous types of scents available out there, and you can easily choose the one that best suits your brother’s taste, and also your budget. You can even buy it in many forms, including spray-on, scented balm or lotion, solid perfume, or body spray.


A smartphone has become a necessity these days, and your brother will love to receive it as a gift. Smartphones can be as cheap and as expensive as you want them to be. The more money you spend, and more features you will get. So, make a wise choice and choose the best smart phone for your brother on rakhi, it's something he'll definitely use every day, so it will remind him of you whenever he uses it. If your budget permits, go for an iPhone which is a dream gadget for every individual.


If your brother has to do a lot of writing work, then a pen will be an ideal gift for him. It should not be a usual pen that you buy from a stationery shop, but it should be a designer version that has something unique and appealing to it. There are wooden pens with designer embellishments, and jewelers also sell silver, gold, gold plated, and diamond studded pens for luxury seekers. A designer pen is a perfect item to gift your brother for Rakhi, as he'll be able to show it off, and your brother can easily get it revamped with a compatible refill every now and then.

What to Gift your Brother on Rakhi - Top 7 Best Gifts - Pen

Lord Ganesha idol and showpiece

Lord Ganesha is the Indian God of good luck and well-being. Whenever an Indian starts a new project, he seeks the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Idols, statues and show pieces of Lord Ganesha can be kept in any part of the home, and he is believed to keep bestowing his blessings on the family members. So, if your brother believes in God, and nothing can be a better gift for him than an idol of Lord Ganesha to gift him for Rakhi. He can keep it in his home temple, or on his desk, and seek the God’s blessings whenever he starts his day.

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What to Gift your Brother on Rakhi - Top 7 Best Gifts