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Buying a Gift for a Married Woman

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 14, 2017
Buying a Gift for a Married Woman

There is nothing wrong with buying a gift for a married woman. The fact that a woman is married does not mean that their social life is over. Married women can still have an active social life and lots of friends, and they can lead their own life independently from their husband. If you are giving a married friend a gift, make a note of their tastes and needs. If you're a man and want to get her the right gift, you may want to consider your friend's husband or children in your gift in order to be respectful towards her family. In this oneHOWTO article you will learn how to buy a gift for a married woman.

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Choose a book that appeals to your married friend's interests. If she enjoys gardening, cooking or loves art books, find something that you think she will like. Giving her a classic novel is also a safe bet. Wrap the gift and give it to her on her birthday or during the holidays. If you are a co-worker, give her a gift for her anniversary working at the company so it doesn't look like it came out of nowhere.

Buying a Gift for a Married Woman - Books

Gift voucher

if you're still trying to find the perfect gift for a married woman, give her a gift voucher for a restaurant you know that she loves, or for something she has been wanting to try. Reward her if you know she's had a particularly tough month or has just finished an exhausting project. If you know she hasn't had much time with her husband, buy her tickets to the cinema or theater, and suggest they both take the weight off their shoulders and have a date together.

Buying a Gift for a Married Woman - Gift voucher

Home decor

Another great gift for a married woman (who you are not dating) is to get her a nice vase or picture for her home. As long as you know her household's style or at least her favorite color, then a nice addition to her home such as candle holders, a set of pot-pourri or a nice set of cushions is a perfect and meaningful gift she will appreciate.


You can buy her stylish clothes but no underwear or jewelry as these are very personal gifts.

Pay attention to her style: does she often wear patterned clothes? Does she like scarves? Choose a clothes item that goes with her usual style, but keep the item fairly neutral if you're afraid she won't like it.

Buying a Gift for a Married Woman - Clothes

Handmade gifts for a married woman

Handmade gifts are always greatly appreciated, as they reflect the effort and though a person has put into it. There are many ideas for handmade crafts you can make as a gift to a married woman. Whether it is a DIY flower pot from waste material, a fancy candle holder, or beautiful crafts made with buttons. Choose according to the woman's preferences and your own imagination!

Buying a Gift for a Married Woman - Handmade gifts for a married woman

Delicatessen basket

They say that the best way to win a person's heart is through their stomach so, even if you don't have sentimental intentions, one of the best gifts for a married woman has to be food. Gather some delicious delicatessen according to the woman's tastes: whether a basket full of different gourmet cheeses, nice and fresh fruit or a selection of jams, chutneys and marmalade. You can't go wrong with this gift.

Wrap the basket around with a nice ribbon for a perfect presentation and you have the best thoughtful gift!

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Buying a Gift for a Married Woman