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What To Buy a 13 Year Old Boy For Christmas

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 5, 2018
What To Buy a 13 Year Old Boy For Christmas

When it comes to buying Christmas presents, there is always someone who is probably the most difficult to buy presents for; you guessed it - teenagers! Even worse than your in-laws or your girlfriend, teenage boys can be especially tricky to buy gifts for, as they won't necessarily be interested in the toiletries and beauty products which can be a "go-to" present for girls.

So if you are doing your Christmas shopping but are struggling to come up with original gift ideas for a teenage boy; we at oneHOWTO have come up with a few ideas which should help you choose a gift for a 13 year old boy at Christmas.

  1. Gadgets and Games
  2. An Unforgettable Experience
  3. Clothes
  4. Something Comfy

Gadgets and Games

Its a pretty safe bet that teenage boys the world over will always appreciate more gadgets, computer games etc. than they really need. There are loads of great gadgets out there whether you are thinking big (an iPad, Xbox or similar) or whether your budget is a little smaller (think cheaper tablets, video games, remote controlled drones and other gadgets). If you have a good look around you are sure to find something he will love!

One thing to be careful with is to speak to others who are gift-giving and those who know him best. This way you can avoid buying the same or similar gifts, and they may even be able to advise on a particular computer game or gadget that he has had his eye on that will make his day on Christmas morning!

What To Buy a 13 Year Old Boy For Christmas - Gadgets and Games

An Unforgettable Experience

If your buying a Christmas gift for a 13 year old boy, it's likely he already has all the latest gadgets and games. Or maybe, you just want to get him something a little different, which wont result in him spending yet more time staring at a computer screen! If this is the case then why not buy him an unforgettable experience based on his interests.

If he likes cars, you can give him the chance to drive a real super car or to go go-karting for the afternoon. If he is into extreme sports, send him down some white water rapids. The best thing about one of these "day out" gift ideas is that there is a huge variety of different activities to suit all interests, and budgets!

If you are stuck for inspiration then simply have a look through a catalog of these activities, often available in large department stores or online.

What To Buy a 13 Year Old Boy For Christmas - An Unforgettable Experience


Deciding on the right gifts depends on the person you are buying for, so what to buy a 13 year old boy for Christmas is not that simple sometimes. Think about their interests and what makes them tick. If they are into looking good and dressing in designer labels then find out their favorites and buy them a couple of items of clothing such as t-shirts, socks and underwear. While it won't win many prizes for originality, buying clothes for a teenage boy can be a pretty safe bet if you do a little research about his favorite brands and style.

What To Buy a 13 Year Old Boy For Christmas - Clothes

Something Comfy

It's not all about life-changing experiences, flashy gadgets and expensive designer gear. The best Christmas teenage boy presents are the ones we end up getting the most use out of. In fact, a comfy dressing gown and some nice warm gear to keep them warm during the winter can be a very useful, practical gift idea. If this teenage boy is always playing computer games in his room, then you could try and find a big, comfy beanbag for them to sit on, or even a specially designed gamer chair with built in sound or other features. Use your imagination and don't forget to do a good job of hiding all your Christmas gifts!

What To Buy a 13 Year Old Boy For Christmas - Something Comfy

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What To Buy a 13 Year Old Boy For Christmas