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Preschool Teacher Gift Ideas

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 3, 2018
Preschool Teacher Gift Ideas

It takes a lot of hard work to manage and control an entire class of preschoolers. These tiny tots can't take care of themselves and even looking after one on their own can be a trial. Whether you want to actually buy a gift for your kid's teacher will depend on your relationship with them, but it is in your best interest to at least get to know them. Whether you want to start the school year off well, welcome a new teacher to the fold or reward a long year's worth of care, getting a gift for your child's preschool teacher can be a lovely gesture. Since most of them deserve some nice and thoughtful, oneHOWTO have some great preschool teacher gift ideas to make sure you get it right.

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  1. A bouquet of school supplies
  2. Designer notepad
  3. Grading stamps
  4. Bulletin board
  5. Tote bag
  6. Autographed picture frame
  7. Flower pots
  8. Set of books
  9. Personalized bookmark
  10. Movie tickets
  11. Delicious gift hampers
  12. A gift card
  13. Her favorite items
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A bouquet of school supplies

Flower bouquets are a common gift idea, but you can add a twist by making a bouquet of school supplies. It will be an ideal and useful gift for a preschool teacher. There is a variety of stationery items that you can add in this bouquet, including pens, pencils, erasers, crayons, sketch pens, ruler, glue, scissors and others. This is an inventive idea which can help set up a preschool teacher with the supplies she needs, especially as the amount one uses throughout the year can mean buying new stationery gets expensive.

Designer notepad

Preschool teachers often need to send notes to the parents, informing them about the latest events, activities and their child’s performance. Same goes for inter class memos with other teachers. Sending such notes on a designer notepad can make a mundane task that little bit more enjoyable. You can also get a personalized notepad made for them with their name and a suitably cute logo. This will be a useful, personalized and thoughtful gift idea for a preschool teacher. If you know your preschool teacher well enough you might know something about them (favorite sport, animal, hobby, etc.) which you can use for this gift idea.

Preschool Teacher Gift Ideas - Designer notepad

Grading stamps

Preschool teachers need to grade their students’ papers on a regular basis. They need special grading icons and figures to compliment their students’ work and encourage improvement. Since preschoolers cannot read words, they need to pass their message with symbols like stars, flowers, emoticons and others. So, a collection of self-inking grading stamps can be a great idea that will help preschool teachers to grade their papers appropriately. These stamps will save their time as well, as they will not need to draw these symbols on each and every paper. Time saving methods are one of the most valuable gift ideas you can give a teacher.

Bulletin board

A bulletin board would be a great tool to keep notes, messages and announcements managed in the class. You can imprint or emboss the initial of the teacher on the bulletin board and let them use it in the classroom. They can stick any announcements on this board, in addition to some funky drawings to keep students entertained. If they are teaching the alphabet in the class, boards like this can help make the task easier. If a student does a great job in writing or drawing, you can affix it on the bulletin board to let everyone see and appreciate it. This would be a great encouragement for the child.

Tote bag

Preschool teachers have loads of items to carry around with her, such as stacks of papers, class planners, stationery supplies, charts, colors etc. Gifting her a cute tote bag will let her tote all her stuff in style and comfort. There is a plethora of sizes, designs and colors of tote bags to choose from. You may even get a personalized one made for her, with her name or initials printed or embroidered on it. The little personalized touches can make all the difference.

Preschool Teacher Gift Ideas - Tote bag

Autographed picture frame

This gift idea is so good, it might bring tears to your preschool teacher’s eyes. If you recently have had a class photograph taken and it’s time to say goodbye to your preschool, then you can frame this photograph while leaving some white space around the picture. Then get it signed by as many parents in the class as possible, then gift it to the teacher. Along with the signatures, parents can write a thank you note as well, letting the teacher know how great her efforts are and how thankful all the parents and their children are.

Flower pots

Preschool teachers are the gardeners who let your children grow and bloom into flourishing flowers. They are the perfect farmers who help nurture your children into happy and healthy human beings we hope they'll be. If your kid’s preschool teacher has an interest in gardening, you can gift her a flower pot with a nice message on it, such as ‘Teachers Help Children to Bloom’, or ‘Teachers Plant Seeds of Knowledge’. Even just a beautiful plant can help brighten up the class room.

Preschool Teacher Gift Ideas - Flower pots

Set of books

A set of books that would be useful for their preschool classroom would be a great gift idea for a preschool teacher. They can use it in their classroom, and teach students in a better way. They might really appreciate a new book to read to the class, helping to grow the entire class library. The books you can gift include those on alphabets, numbers, drawings, shapes, colors and others that are usually taught in preschools. Pack these books and arrange them in a gift basket.

Books would be a thoughtful gift which the teacher can use for years to come. If your child has a particular book they enjoy reading at bedtime, then this is also a great way to share with the class. Story books are a great way to get through to kids, so help engender enthusiasm for reading from the beginning. Also, reading time is often a great prelude to nap time and there is nothing better than the gift of peace.

Personalized bookmark

Help a preschool teacher bookmark her lesson plan with a cute, practical, personalized bookmark. Teachers have to read and keep track of many books in order to impart knowledge to your kids. So, a set of personalized bookmarks will help them mark her pages in a personalized and stylish manner. You can have their initials embossed on it, or a nice teacher’s message to stay motivated and make them feel both encouraged and appreciated.

Movie tickets

Preschool teachers are so busy taking care of your children they seldom get time to treat themselves and enjoy some ‘me’ time. This is why you may want to get them a gift which has nothing to do with school whatsoever. Gifting them movie tickets can give them an excuse to go out and have some fun in their busy lives. Don’t gift them a single ticket, give her at least two so that they can take a companion. It's not just movie tickets, plays, concerts, gigs or food fairs are just some of the ideas to help them enjoy their own extra curricular activities.

Preschool Teacher Gift Ideas - Movie tickets

Delicious gift hampers

Your preschool teacher is not a kid any more, but who doesn’t love to receive a gift basket full of chocolates, candies and cookies. they can grab a chocolate any time and feel instantly energized to continue the hard job ahead. They can also share candies with students, encouraging good work and showing her own appreciation. Other teachers at the school might also benefit from a gift like this. Ensure it is appropriate and not too extravagant. Thoughtful and nice will go a long way.

A gift card

Preschool teachers should be enthusiastic and energetic, many loving to go shopping for themselves like all other human beings. So, sending them a gift card can be a great help to make them feel appreciated, even if it is not a big amount. If you or your child knows their favorite store or online shopping site, a gift card from that place would be highly appreciated. But if you have no idea, there are many suitable stores or markets which should be suitable for all tastes. A gift card from a stationery store could be a nice idea as well, but remember that sometimes the best gift will distract from hard work rather than add to it.

Her favorite items

Preschool teachers take care of each and every requirement of your child. Since they spend several hours a day with your kid, they know what your child likes and dislikes, and what are their needs during each hour of the day. Unfortunately preschool teachers don't always get the same appreciation return. If you are considerate enough, try to find out favorite types of food and drink, which brand of pen they like to use, kind of beauty or hygiene products they enjoy, etc. Once you know their favorite items, buy some and send as a gift. They should really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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Preschool Teacher Gift Ideas