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What Is the Happiest Day of the Year?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. June 20, 2022
What Is the Happiest Day of the Year?

While it will vary depending on where we live, when spring starts to arrive, we can often sense a change in our mood. Even if you don't have Mediterranean sun or completely clear skies, the pleasant days of spring can be a relief after a cold winter. Practically speaking, we also have more daylight hours. This means we can fit in more fun in the sun, something which can really improve our well-being.

At oneHOWTO, we ask what is the happiest day of the year? We also find out why this day is considered happy and the date, so you can celebrate yourself.

  1. The happiest day of the year
  2. Why is Yellow Day celebrated?
  3. How is the Happiest Day of the Year celebrated?

The happiest day of the year

The happiest day of the year is considered to be June 20th. This date is sometimes known as ‘Yellow Day’ in certain parts of the world. The reason for the use of yellow is to juxtapose it with ‘Blue Monday’, the latter being considered the saddest day of the year (Blue Monday occurs on the 3rd Monday in January).

While the happiest day of any individual's year is subjective and dependent on their own experiences, there is a reason the 20th of June has been given this moniker. There is even some scientific rationale, although it is important to state that there is no official consensus over what criteria make the ‘happiest day of the year’.

The basic premise was suggested by psychologists who considered various factors which would contribute the a perfectly happy day. Such factors include good weather, proximity of public holidays, ability to remain outdoors and opportunities to socialize with friends. These factors add to the shot of energy, vitality and joy that gave rise to the concept of Yellow Day.

Here we provide some of the variables that make June 20 the happiest day of the year :

  • Pleasant temperature: warm days that are not sweltering. They allow you to enjoy outdoor activities, in turn substantially improving one's mood.
  • More daylight hours: daytime hours are extended. With more sunlight, cortisol, serotonin, and melatonin levels increase. These improve energy levels and elevate mood. Having longer days can help to increase our sense of well-being. This increase in light gives the name to Yellow Day, with the color yellow representing light itself.
  • Holidays: while it may be a long time since we have had a summer holiday, schools, universities and other institutions have summer breaks which afford more opportunities for fun. By June 20th, the anticipation should have mounted and we're ready to release.
  • Summer working hours: in many countries with hot climates, the summer working hours can change according to the increase in temperatures. This can allow for more enjoyment, even during a work day.

Why is Yellow Day celebrated?

There is no day in any given year that will see everyone feeling happy. Life is much too complicated. However, June 20th's claim as the happiest day of the year aspires to have as many people feeling positive as possible. The professionals determining this day concluded that certain economic, psychological and climatological factors contribute to create a day which can bring as much happiness as possible.

Cliff Arnall is a psychologist from Britain who created an advertising campaign around the concept of Blue Monday in 2005. He came up with a mathematical formula to determine what is the saddest day of the year. This advertising campaign was in conjunction with a travel company and many claim it is baseless pseudoscience used to try to sell holidays during an otherwise slow time of year.

Arnall later created the Happiest Day of the Year celebration to counterbalance the Saddest Day. This time he was in cahoots with an ice cream manufacturer and similar claims have been made about his motivation. However, Arnall worked on a formula and came up with the following equation:

O + (NxS) + Cmp / T + He

This equation measures the pleasure of being outdoors (O) in full connection with nature (N) and also potential socialization (S), added to positive childhood memories (Cmp), warm temperature (T) and the arrival of long-awaited vacations (He). Using this formula, he determined the date fell somewhere around June 20th, which is the equivalent to midsummer. Many people have since chosen June 20th, although the date can change according to the year.

What Is the Happiest Day of the Year? - Why is Yellow Day celebrated?

How is the Happiest Day of the Year celebrated?

Yellow is the color of Yellow Day, since it is a color that denotes positivity, fun, enlightenment, optimism, creativity, intelligence and, of course, happiness. Those who celebrate June 20th dress in yellow to enhance this joy.

Although there is no exact way to celebrate Yellow Day, psychologists invite us to celebrate all the variables that enter into the equation. This includes carrying out acts that make us feel better about ourselves and that enhance our happiness such as outdoor activities, relaxing baths, healthy eating, a meeting with friends or family, offering altruistic acts, etc.

There is no better celebration of the happiest day of the year 2022 (Yellow Day 2022) than working on your own happiness, promoting and enhancing it. Although there is little evidence to support Yellow Day as being objectively the happiest day of the year, if it can help encourage happiness in general, it may prove positive to you.

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What Is the Happiest Day of the Year?