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How To Throw A Perfect Annaprashan Party

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Throw A Perfect Annaprashan Party

Annaprashan is a significant ritual in Indian culture, which literally means ‘starting the grain’. In this ceremony, a baby is introduced to solid food, which is usually done during the 6th to 8th month of a baby’s life. In some Indian states, this ceremony is performed in a temple, while others like to throw a party to celebrate the big event. If you are also planning for such a big day, this OneHowTo.com article will show you how to throw a perfect Annaprashan party.

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  1. Sending out the Invitations
  2. Decorations
  3. Food
  4. Arrange an experienced priest
  5. Other important tips

Sending out the Invitations

At an Annaprashan party, you can keep it small by inviting only important relatives, or you can make it grand by inviting colleagues, friends and neighbors. You can either perform the ceremony at a nearby temple, or book a banquet hall to hold a party. You can either call your guests over phone and tell them the date and time, or get invitation cards printed and send them out by mail. But remember that sending invitation cards is not enough. You will have to call them once to invite the guests personally.


The decorations you have at the venue should include anything related to the baby being celebrated. You may install some pictures of the baby from the time of his or her birth till date. Any cute candid photographs will perfectly do the job. If you have booked a banquet hall, decorate its walls with these pictures. If you are hosting a party in a garden, you can fix a clothesline and hang those photographs on it. Onesies may be added to the decorations to make the theme more whimsical. Cut flowers, streamers, ribbons and balloons will definitely complete the look.

How To Throw A Perfect Annaprashan Party - Decorations


Apart from the commonly served dal, kheer, fried veggies, flavored rice and curries, some Indian communities also include fish and meat preparations on their menu. There are no limits to the foods that you can offer to your guests. But as far as the little child is concerned, he or she is typically served rice, salt, curd, sweet kheer, banana and jaggery in a bronze or silver plate. Some south Indian communities serve the food on banana leaves.

How To Throw A Perfect Annaprashan Party - Food

Arrange an experienced priest

The role of a priest is very important in performing an Annaprashan party. He is the one who will find out the good ‘muhurat’, a sacred date and time, to perform the ceremony. He will know all the steps that need to be taken by the parents, grandparents, and other relatives to complete the ceremony. Make sure that the priest you call is experienced in this kind of ceremony, as an amateur priest will definitely leave a negative impression on your guests.

Other important tips

  • Make sure that your baby has had sufficient rest before the ceremony. Otherwise, he will remain cranky during the party, and spoil the mood of everyone.
  • As your child is eating something for the first time, do not give him more than just a few spoonfuls, otherwise he will end up suffering from an upset stomach.
  • If a holy fire is being conducted, make sure that your baby does not get irritated with its smoke. Keep all windows and doors open to allow proper ventilation.
  • Do not forget to take lots of photographs of this memorable occasion.

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How To Throw A Perfect Annaprashan Party